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Worship and Condemn are the same

Worship and Condemn are the same

One who will place another on the pedestal to worship, will also condemn another to damnation. These actions are of the same, they are both “inequality” of the human’s thought. This is also Yin and Yang. Where there is the so-called “good”, there will be the so-called “bad”. Thus, when one exists, the other will the same.

Placing another on the pedestal, is to lower oneself. To belittle and contempt another, is to exalt oneself. This is a trace of existence of “inequality” in one’s thought. The same goes for, to allow others to put oneself on the pedestal to worship, is the same as to belittle others. Because this thought comes from thinking that one is better than others, and that others are worse than oneself. And to allow others to degrade oneself, is to exalt others. These are “inequality” thoughts. Because of the belief that one human can be better or worse than another.

These thoughts create and attract more energies of “inequality”, and causing these energies to be manifested and transformed into this physical world to become events.

It doesn’t matter if you are the one who puts yourself or others on the pedestal, or to condemn others, they are simply of the same. To create such “inequality”, then one has to also be prepared to accept this “inequality”. Because the Law of Cause and Effect is the unchanging Law of the Universe. You always reap what you sow.

The Law of Cause and Effect is telling you that there is no “Right” or “Wrong”, because what you give, you will receive. It is about what you want to receive, and not about “Right” or “Wrong”, “Justified or not”.


Kelly came back to Earth a channeling healer with psychic abilities to help her with her Soul and Life missions. Kelly enjoys doing what she do best in many of her lifetimes, connecting with beings from the higher realms and sharing the loving guidance and healing energies she receives, to help those who are being guided to her to balance their energies and life, clear their doubts and empower them with inspirational wisdom knowledge to progress in life.

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