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What is Astrology


What is Astrology

Astrology, the Science of stars, is the study of the movements and relationships of the planets and earth. Astrologers believe that the combination of elements such as, houses and angles, constellation objects, positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and earth at the time of a person’s birth have a direct influence on the person’s character and destiny. Astrology falls under the category of Metaphysics.

There is no single unified theory or practice of astrology. In ancient, different cultures practiced their own forms of astrology, some of which combined and evolved into today’s common western astrology. Eastern cultures continue to practice their own forms of astrology: Chinese, Vedic and Tibetan astrology are among the most well-known.

Astrology helps you to understand yourself, it provides guidance to why you’re attracted to some people, and repelled by or indifferent to others. It helps you to take conflicts less to heart, and also show potential clashes to watch out for. It can help you to see a clearer picture and see these conflicts as challenges that help you to grow.

Astrology can give you a deeper understanding of all your relationships, with bosses, siblings, parents, children, friends and partners. Comparing with each other’s birth charts can bring your attention to areas where your natures could come into conflicts. Astrology also shows where karma is being played out, with hard but necessary lessons.

The sun sign is usually what you are known to according to your birth dates like if you are a Capricorn or an Aquarius, being born between Dec to Jan or Jan to Feb of any year. The moon and rising sun are what kind of sun sign you are deep within and how you react to external events. To discover yourself more, there are a lot of free online birth charts generator which you can use.


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