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Using Divination to analyse your career

Using Divination to analyse your career

Hi everyone. Sometime ago I have a friend who just started a new job. He previously resigned and was able to find this current job very quickly. The current job is good but not as perfect as he was expecting an eight hours a day, five days work week kinda job so he could still go for his night class. I think this is reasonable since it is an investment to oneself for bigger purpose in life.

During our conversation, he told me he had went for another interview for a potential company and he asked me if that company is good. Without much being said, I just conveniently did a divination for him basing on time he asked me. I told him the potential company he seeks will be super busy and there is tremendous stress to what he will be doing. He told me yes it will be, just like his previous company, it is a one-man show. He has to handle all stuffs. but he felt attracted to it was because there’s no need to do overtime.

I shared with him that I saw the sign of ‘regret’ in the divination I did and it was not at his favour to move. You know, verbally the potential employer told him there’s no need for overtime, but with long working experience will know this is not totally true. It all depends on what type of job and the industry. I remember when I was in the advertising industry, although I was told no overtime and just make sure things are done nicely, I wasn’t able to leave office on time. Moreover it is a one-man-show, and you cannot expect you could go leave office on time. Try to do that you can see how that will affect your career in the company.

Secondly, I told him this resembles his previous company. He has left the environment why does he want to jump into it again? History will repeat and years later he would have experience the same thing he did in his previous company that he decided to leave for the same reason.

The purpose of this article is because I want to share with you the below;

  1. Most of the time we can and only see the surface of things without analysing deeper, in the end we regretted what we have done. The law of universe tells us that there are Yin and Yang. Yang is what we are able to distinguish and Yin is something that we cannot identify on surface just like the above case.
  2. Law of attraction tells us that we will attract what we are visualising. Many times we fall into vicious cycle is because we were attracted by one of the point we previously comfortable with.
  3. Divination is to decoding the Universe message and assist us on analysing situations to clear our doubts.

I hope I have made you understand more about divination by now. If you are interested to find out more, you may visit our website.


Huo Shenming's real name is Fang Qing Xiong (Jackie). He is born with claircognizance and divination abilities. He enjoys helping people with the wisdom and knowledge that he has accumulated from his many lifetimes. He is a certified practitioner in I Ching Feng Shui, Bazi, Divination, Psychic and entity attack defense. The reason for using the nickname "Huo Shen Ming" is a constant reminder for him to work towards his goal of opening up everyone's higher-self to lead them to a better tomorrow. "Huo Shen Ming" has got number of meanings. [Huo] in mandarin is fire. With "fire", we can see through darkness. There will not be living things without "fire" and earth will be as good as a dead star without the Sun. [Shen] represents the spirit of the universe. In the Seven Chakras, the Crown Chakra is one few inches above our head that brings connection to the super-conscious mind and our higher self. This is similar to the Chinese saying "舉頭三尺有神明". [Ming] reminds us that everything in the universe has got Yin-Yang and they co-exist together. It reminds us to look at all things in Yin and Yang, similar to the laws of the Universe.

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