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Using ancient wisdom to enhance modern living

Using ancient wisdom to enhance modern living

Hello everyone. It is again my time to talk about Feng Shui and Divination. Before that, I would like you to take notice the Chinese version of our website has been changed to traditional Chinese. For people residing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, they may be quite easy since they were already using traditional Chinese. But people residing in China and Singapore may not get used to it. Let me take this opportunity to encourage everyone to learn using traditional Chinese as I foresee the uniformity use of  traditional Chinese.

Now, let us talk about divination. Do you think that divination is superstitious? In the past whatever we see in Chinese zodiac signs, divination and feng shui, we just say they were all superstitious because the westerners said so, we follow. Nowadays if you have noticed more and more people from the west, they have tarrot card, oracle card readings and zodiac signs analysis. So you tell me who is really superstitious now? Our forefathers in the ancient civilisation were first to break the Universal codes and understood the laws of the Universe. Using these laws to educate and lead the mass. At the same time these codes can be used for divination and fengshui. Of course thousands of years down the road, there will be people taking these knowledge and blend them into religions. Likewise for the west too. This is a norm thing. It happens everywhere since we are all human beings. So don’t kid yourselves. For those who said others are being superstitious is because they are being superstitious themselves. They put others down so they could artificially raise themselves above others.

The reason to share these is to let everyone has a deeper understanding. We are now in a knowledge era. We should be smarter and our minds clearer. If you always tell people to keep an open-mind, you should walk the talk. The Universe is two ways, not just one way. Using this ancient wisdom, we hope to improve everyone’s livings. Our lives have improved due to technology, industrialisation and commercialisation. But our health is slowly going downhill. We overstrained our body with technology and lifestyles, we are feeling stress and all the frustration everyday and there we go, deepening ourselves into the vicious cycle. When we don’t treat ourselves as human beings, our bodies gradually fall apart. Stomach problems, cancer, anxiety disorder, insomnia and etc. Families breaking apart, couples quarrel and eventually went into divorce. Why do we want to do that to ourselves?

Many situations can be prevented if we are able to pick up the early signs or underlying problems by various method, one which is using fengshui to detect early signs such like injury if one of your neighbour has placed a hospital-liked bedding seeable at one of the direction of your home. This is a tell-tale sign that can be avoided.

Before I end this, let me iterate the Universe is alive. The birth of the stars till their death and then they rebirth from the size of an atom to a bright star again. A closer illustration that you could comprehend is the four seasons on earth. These are all science. There is nowhere any superstitious about it.

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Huo Shenming's real name is Fang Qing Xiong (Jackie). He is born with claircognizance and divination abilities. He enjoys helping people with the wisdom and knowledge that he has accumulated from his many lifetimes. He is a certified practitioner in I Ching Feng Shui, Bazi, Divination, Psychic and entity attack defense. The reason for using the nickname "Huo Shen Ming" is a constant reminder for him to work towards his goal of opening up everyone's higher-self to lead them to a better tomorrow. "Huo Shen Ming" has got number of meanings. [Huo] in mandarin is fire. With "fire", we can see through darkness. There will not be living things without "fire" and earth will be as good as a dead star without the Sun. [Shen] represents the spirit of the universe. In the Seven Chakras, the Crown Chakra is one few inches above our head that brings connection to the super-conscious mind and our higher self. This is similar to the Chinese saying "舉頭三尺有神明". [Ming] reminds us that everything in the universe has got Yin-Yang and they co-exist together. It reminds us to look at all things in Yin and Yang, similar to the laws of the Universe.

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