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Find out how people from all walks of life change their lives for the better after a session with The Healing Xanadu. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to connect with all these lovely people and be given the chance to take part in their amazing spiritual journey.

Before I took up the Millennium Edition of Kundalini Reiki, I already learned the first edition of Kundalini Reiki from Kelly. After learning the first edition, I performed self-healing as I learned from Kelly, and even helped relatives and friends. Later, on the first day I made a wish to the universe, I immediately received a message. Immediately after I went to sleep, my mind entered a very vague and strange state, but gave me very clear guidance. I have never had this kind of experience. I feel that although this is not the first time I have received a message, this is the first time I receive such a “special” and clear guidance. The guidance was leading me to continue learning. I know that it is time for me to take the next course with Kelly. Kelly has always led us kindly, and always give us some suggestions in the process. I always knew that this is the way I should go. I am very grateful to the universe and thank Kelly. After studying for a while, according to Kelly ’s instructions, I carried out a series of healing sessions for myself. During this time, I was feeling very good mentally and physically. I often feel so energetic that I do not feel sleepy at night. Now I continue to carry on, and I am full of hope for myself. As what Kelly mentioned, things changed quickly, and I was promoted, and lived a busy and fulfilling life, although I did not embark on the spiritual path for external fame and fortune, I know these are for the better of the future, I have to go through this experience, I walk in this path, happy and beautiful. Thanks Universe, thanks Kelly. Bless everyone.

Jane (Kundalini Reiki (Millennium)


Hello! Thank you very much for your guidance. In the past, when I was very confused and painful, because of your guidance, I got transformed. After transformation, I got some success, felt the joy of success in life and felt the meaning of my life. And learned to challenge those unknowns that have never been tried. In the constant challenge, I resolutely obeyed my heart. At the moment of making a decision, I clearly heard a voice in my heart telling me that it is now, leaving this place that makes you uncomfortable. I followed the voice and left the place that caused me pain. I chose the path I had always dreamed of. This is the path I am taking now. However, this road is not smooth and full of unprecedented challenges. The people around me left me one by one, and I had to face difficult choices again and again. These made me wonder if I was doing wrong Or maybe I shouldn’t have taken this route. Thank you for sending me the message of angels and the universe. When I heard the angels saying that I am taking the right path now, and it is the process of evolution now, I am very comforted. I will slowly learn to truly thank everything around me and those who caused me pain. I will be brave to be myself and walk the way I want to go! Thank you very much for your guidance!

WeiWei (Channeled Guidance)


Thank you Teacher Kelly, you were spot on about the fear in my heart, and thank you and, my angels and spirit guides for the encouragement. Your patience in explaining the details made me laugh and cry while listening. What makes me amazed is that you do not need my full name and birth date to be able to express my inner condition so accurately and vividly! It also made me more certain that I would want to enroll in the Kundalini Reiki course with you.

Conny (Channeled Guidance)


Kundalini Reiki is no doubt one of the simplest form of healing and self-discovery that I came across in my path of spiritual evolution. And with Kelly, I know that i’m in good hands. She speaks with integrity and teaches with gracious love. She reminded me to honour my very own soul’s journey which I’d have otherwise been long forgotten. So to all beautiful souls out there who have been struggling to justify your existence, please have faith in taking the first step to enrol in any of her courses. Eventually you’ll come to understand that “Life is not short, it is just finite. And actions.

Lena (Kundalini Reiki Level 3 – Master Level)


This is not the first time I took up a course with Kelly. In fact, my heart has been nudging me to take this class after Spiritual Mentorship Program. In her class, Kelly let me feel safe and comfortable as usual. The next day after I finished the class, as mentioned by Kelly I had burped the whole day. And I can still practice as much as I can now. As Kelly said, the environment we are in is still inflicted with negative energy and especially for those of us who are sensitive are more susceptible. And for many of us, this time is a relatively dark night. Kelly is a good guide and will remind us again and again what I think seems very basic, but it’s really important and easy to overlook. For example, we may not particularly represent our superiority, etc. I am very grateful to her and thank my spirit team.

Jane (Kundalini Reiki Level 1)


First of all, I would like to thank fate for bringing me here. In fact, more than a year before I took this course, I asked Kelly to do a reading for me. The message at the time shook me and many things happened one after another after that, and took me step by step towards the path of learning Spiritual lessons. Kelly is a gentle person. She will tell us what she knows and share as much as possible. Any questions can be asked at any time. She is very responsible and patient. I think things always happen for a reason. When I tried to be my true self in life, the fear seems like a fog that makes people feel overwhelmed. A little trust and a little courage is like a lighted candle, the flame is within, the more trust you give to your intuition, the greater the trust and courage become, these are not empty words, it is my real experience. I am very grateful to those who have the fate to see my feedback, and if these words touch your heart, come take on this lesson, and with a little courage and trust, you will see the magical miracles waiting to be discovered in your adventures!

Han (Kundalini Reiki Level 1)


Kelly is always an inspiring teacher. She never fails to uplift me with a new insight every time I slip back into my old habit of self doubt. Life may seem harder when we are in the process of transition to go back to the origin of us, i.e. love and light. And to come across this course is one of the blessing I’d count on in my life. It helps me to regain my inner strength, to turn knowledge into wisdom and so when life presents me with challenge, I’d know how to immerse fully in the experience. Thank you Kelly for being my angel on earth.

Lena (Spiritual Mentorship Program)


“I have heard about the wonderful works of The Healing Xanadu from my friends, and decided to try the Feng Shui service. Like what the others are saying, this Feng Shui service, unlike any others that I have engaged before, was not just a service but a class to learn about how the Universe works and how everything actually starts from us, ourselves. We are the ones affecting our environment, and this Feng Shui work can help us to make conscious changes in our lives. Master Fang was very patient in explaining what the signs in our environment are sharing about us, and this is the first time I see a Feng Shui Master willing to share secrets of their works. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.”

Carrie (Feng Shui)


“My friend introduced The Healing Xanadu to me, and I was impressed with how accurate their readings are, right to the details and even predicted how I can get my deals closed by taking certain actions. This made me go for the Feng Shui service, and what amazed me again was just a simple adjustment of a furniture can remove a pain that I was experiencing for some time, that I did not even mention. Although, Master Fang did explain to me how this works, I still think this is a work of miracle. Through the consultation with Master Fang, I have learnt how the Universe works, and understand how everything starts from within me. This Feng Shui service, unlike any other, is also a lesson to learn about the wonderful work of Universe and Life. I have gained simple knowledge to apply Feng Shui for myself too.”

Edmund (Feng Shui)


The course is comprehensive, yet easy to understand. But nothing beats the experience of getting attunement. It is incredibly uplifting. Thank you Kelly for your unconditional love and support. You’ve inspired me to be a better person.

Lena (Kundalini Reiki Level 2 course)


The class was phenomenal and well-designed. And Kelly is a loving and inspiring teacher. Thank you for guiding me in discovering a world I never knew existed!

Lena (Kundalini Reiki Level 1 course)


It’s great experience for my first Reiki course. I am an amateur student in Reiki or spiritual world in any form. Kelly is very patient and use easy understand example to explain the concept to me. Practice at the end of the session is also helpful. It lets me realize action is also important. I am happy my first lesson is taking with Kelly.

Vicky (Kundalini Reiki Level 1 course)


I do not know how to express my gratitude to you. Your messages resonate with me. I’ve been in a state where fears take over my life. Thank you for shedding light. Thank you!
I totally forgot the session’s slot (till I got your email) and I’ve finally come to sense about what had happened today. I saw 11:11am and right at today as 11/1/2019. It amazed me for a while though I’ve been constantly seeing repeating numbers daily for years. I have no ideas why I googled about 三生火焰紫蓝光 (out of nowhere these words popped up my mind) and archangel Metatron. And around 4pm++ I felt so much in peace within myself. Now I guess that’s probably due to healing. Everything happens for a reason and now I truly believe.

Lena (Spiritual Healing)


Thank you very very very much. I deeply feel gratitude that you accurately nailed down my pain points with such great kindness, details and consideration. This is the first time in my life that someone has done it for me. By applying your suggestions and my angel’s advice, I want to become a truly happy person and have happy family relationships. In the future, I’d like to ask you questions if any, after I internalize your message. Thank you.

Soyeon (Spiritual Healing)


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the healing session. I was so touched to watch your video reading because I resonated with everything you said. And I do feel refreshed and a rush of new energy coming in. I will do the daily affirmation to remind myself that I am safe, loved and protected. I also got so much chills while watching your message. I’ve received a lot of different healing modalities so far, and with yours particularly I feel so much loving gentle and empowering energy.

HaEun (Spiritual Healing)


I first came to Kelly for a tarot reading in March 2018 asking about my love interest as I was being ghosted and been very upset about it. I only just gave her one-liner description about my situation and yet she was able to read like a close friend. I was so blown away by her reading that I seek her again in May for a channelled tarot reading, as I wanted to hear what my Spirt team has to say. At that point, I was still affected by my love interest, but I wanted to do something for myself. I also entirely have no freaking idea what is a “Spirit team “. She started the reading aloud a love letter she channelled, and I was astonished, sending chills down my spine. This is when I realised Kelly’s gifts comes with channelling and sharing messages from the Angels and then sharing with the mortal folks like me. During this period, I also went to many other tarot readers (yes, unfortunately asking about that one who ghosted me LOL) and they have said that I am experiencing this phrase called “dark night of the soul”. In the layman term, we called it “quarter-life crisis/mid-life crisis”. Now I looked back, I said it’s a spiritual awakening. I am hitting my 30s but still feeling lost like a teenager. I have been working as a barista for 7 years. I went into it because I love coffee, but somehow, I still feel dead inside. It was a hard realisation to admit that I don’t know my life purpose and is still not doing what I love.

Somehow, there are voices inside me telling me to seek Kelly again for answers. During these times, the voices inside me are getting stronger to a point that I cannot ignore their words anymore. I also am still in touch with Kelly from time to time before the Spiritual Mentorship, updating her about my situation. Kelly is even kind enough to give me some discounts. What I enjoyed from Kelly is that she speaks with the wisdom of a teacher but never egoistic to put her students down. In fact, she talks to me a lot like a friend and it makes me feel light-hearted and giddy after our lessons. I did know how to meditate, the concept of charkas before meeting her, but when she said I already know I can channel, I spooked out. My impression of channelling is someone getting possessed and went psychotic so during this programme, I finally understand why I can hear so many voices (No, I am very sure I am not schizophrenic lol); the voices inside me all these times is my spirit team! The hair-raising part is when I asked back to my spirit team if they can tell me their names; I didn’t expect to get an instant response. I scribbled the names down and google them, and holy cow, they exist! As the lessons go by, my spirit team can even share with me some glimpses of my several past lives, and the encounters with some of the people around me in our past lives. Kelly is definitely part of my soul family.

Most of us live in a world that is deeply enmeshed in the material stuff. (the 3D world) We spent too much time accumulating more things, status likes and making people liking us and this got us operating in the world of scarcity. The society functions like this and many of us get pressured into it. If one of us break out of the system, we will seem like a “weirdo”, an “outcast”. In times, we live in this state of being not good enough, always feeling separated from someone. If you have this feeling like I do, this programme is a good start. It’s worth investing in our spiritual growth as our higher selves, our spirit team reside in the 5D world. They don’t care for our ego, our money, our possession, our job title etc; the external stuff. They don’t operate in fear. They don’t listen to our excuses. All they want is our faith in them, being consistent in our practice and what they promise is unconditional love. Every time our intuition comes through and expresses our truth, the ego mind shouts out: “Prove it!” So, we shut down again, as we are unable to prove what we feel. We believe we find the answers to our quest for happiness externally, outside of us. The answers have always been inside us. There is a reason why this cliché “Love yourself before loving other” has been quoted so often. This is the key to manifestation and abundance.

It has been a great blessing to meet Kelly. Thank you for opening my mind, allowing me to reconnect with my spirit team. I hope more people can walk this path and honour their spiritual gifts like what Kelly does.

Qiuling (Spiritual Mentorship Program)


The reason for taking this class is that I am confused about my life, I don’t know what I want, I really want to know why I am in this world. In fact, I hesitated for a long time. I was afraid that I could not get anything and wasted money. Then I took the courage and decided to ask what the course content was. Kelly also patiently and clearly answered my question. I feel very at ease.

The way to take classes is to use online meeting, once a week, for a total of four times, around 2hr-3hr. I would recommend people who want to go to class, to use a computer as the screen is relatively large, the eyes don’t have to stare for too long, uncomfortable, prepare a microphone, and have a notebook with a pen to write down the important things in the course. In fact, there will be handouts after class.

In this course, I learned to believe in my instincts, and become more grateful, and more sensitive to energy, and the emotional ups and downs will be more obvious. I also understand that for many things “results” are not the key points. “Experiencing the current process” is what really makes you grow and heal. Just like when you asked a question and got an answer, you still don’t want to believe it. Because you haven’t experienced the things in the middle of the journey, you won’t know why you need this answer, and you won’t cherish that answer. I want to remind everyone that this is just a course to guide you through, and you still need your own practice. There is absolutely no short cuts to reach the sky. You need to meditate often, take time to practice, and write down the content of each meditation. Then you will know what kind of guidance the Universe wants to give you. Slowly comprehend ⋯⋯

I always started to liken myself to be a prophet, with a pre-supposed answer in my heart. In the meditation time and time again, when I can’t see the answer I want, I don’t think I can see anything. I asked Kelly “Why I still don’t know what I want, even after the class?” Kelly responded to my inner question. I am angry when I heard the answer at first, and I can’t accept it. Kelly also answered me patiently. Those answers hit me hard, and made me realised it is what I needed to heal and learn.

After what happened, I slowly understood that all these are for me to experience the present, to heal my own problems, to open my heart, to accept all of this, and to understand that “all this is the best arrangement.” At the beginning of the practice, I felt tired but still wanted to challenge, I was also full of hope and yet full of doubt. I learned not to reject the lessons. In a few days, I found a lot of synchronicity and miracles. Example: In meditation I saw a combination of squares and triangles. I wonder what it is? One day, my friend chatted with me, and talked to me about human figure charts. He told me to show him my human figure chart. And when I took it out and saw the human figure chart, I got a surprised. The patterns are exactly the images I saw in my meditation. Another time in meditation, I said, “I don’t know what you mean by the images you gave. I want a clearer answer. Like words, you can understand it at a glance.” After that, I found it in a lot of books about spirituality which confirmed what I have learned in the course that Kelly taught me. I am full of excitement.

All this is so wonderful. If you don’t believe this, then you definitely get more value. You can learn more. Your heart will be more open. Don’t set yourself within a framework. Everything is not just an answer, but open. There is a choice in everything. Everyone has a free will. I am still learning, and I am trying to live in the present and I cherish everyone around me. Thanks to Kelly for guiding me, I am willing to learn all this with an open mind.

– Lilian (Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Mentorship Program) –

I have participated in both Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Mentorship Program with Kelly. Spiritual Healing is a remote healing service and Kelly has not seen me before. In the video for Spiritual Healing, Kelly was able to accurately point out the shadow side of me, and of course the positive aspects of me, and that made me amazed with the abilities of Kelly. Through Spiritual Healing, my darkest fear was pointed out to me, and she taught me how to let go of it. Spiritual Mentorship Program built on the foundation of what I have learnt about myself from Spiritual Healing, through this program, I was guided to relax, release and live in the moment of NOW. In the face-to-face sessions, I was trying my best to focus, and at the same time feeling nervous and excited, and sometimes feeling nervous that Kelly can read my mind, but I only need to know that Kelly is an Angel who has incarnated on Earth, my heart felt touched and safe immediately.

I am always looking forward to our online Face time sessions. I am late in the process of awakening, but I am lucky to have met a good teacher. The very first time I watched the Video on The Healing Xanadu’s YouTube channel, I immediately know that I want to registed this course with her. Kelly is very young but, with the way she customise her course, her knowledge and wisdom in spirituality are limitless, and I am again in awe of her psychic abilities through this program. In each session, I was guided through meditation to remember my journey, access akashic records and channeling, I have difficulties with meditations and Kelly analysed that it may be due to an inner fear that I hold within, she did not go into details, as she believe I can see it with my ability and it is this fear that is preventing me from seeing things with clarity. She then guided me to open and expand my heart chakra, to receive in acceptance and to learn to relax. She also guided me to believe that I deserve all good things to happen for me. The inspirational praises and guidance that are provided by Kelly makes me feel grateful for every moment in life. 2018 is the year of my awakening, to realise I am surrounded by the love of the Universe. Let us witness our own great creativity together. Bless Kelly, Bless everyone!

– Lancy (Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Mentorship Program)-

I found Kelly on YouTube and her readings resonate with me. I love her energy and made the decision to go to her for personal reading. The messages Kelly channeled are straight to my heart, I cried the moment she started out on my reading. Everything she said is so on point. I followed her advice and managed to find peace within, and I have been happy since, of which I have not been for quite some time before I seek Kelly’s help. Thank you very much for appearing in my life.

Ooi ShiShi (Channeled Guidance)


I got to know TheHealingXanadu from YouTube and found that they do Feng Shui audit too. As I have heard from friends that Feng Shui can help with my child’s studies, I decided to engage Master Fang for help with my House Feng Shui. Master Fang not only adjusted my house’s Feng Shui, he also advised us on how we can better communicate and build relationship with my child. After we adjusted the Feng Shui of my place, my child now spend longer time at his study desk and he found new interests in his studies. He even starts to take time to chat with us now. Thank you Master Fang!

Lixin (Feng Shui)


I have not closed any sales for a period of 3 months, when I decided to seek help from Master Fang. He requested me to send him photo of my work desk, and advised me to adjust the items on the desk. Right after I shifted the things according to his suggestions, I received 3 sales calls and finally broke the 0 record. Thank you Master Fang!

Xiao Yu (I Ching Divination)


I haven’t really felt happy for many years before I started on this journey with Kelly. I am immersed in anxiety and depression every day. At the beginning of the program, Kelly revealed the greatest fear in the depths of my soul in spiritual healing. In the next few days, I reviewed my childhood experiences and found that the spiritual tips are sometimes around me, but because I have been immersed in the negative thinking mode, I don’t realise that these messages contain higher meanings. Kelly taught me a lot of ways to care for and transform the inner energy. They are simple but powerful, and they illuminate my spiritual path. For some of my questions, Kelly shared a lot of real stories and feelings with me. She is not like a teacher, but more like a soul leader. Instead of giving the exact answer, she leads me to find the answer.

In this program, my favourite is Kelly’s daily energy message. After reading it in the morning, I will suddenly have inspiration in the day. In the evening, I will recall the meaning of the message, do meditation, chew a lot of subtle connotations, and even more. I can look at myself from the “third person’s perspective.” I used to be weak and busy in the memory of being hurt and the anxiety of the future. But now, every day, I focus on the changes in energy and meditation, the process is already full and balanced. When I begin to enjoy this feeling, I suddenly realised that this is “live in the moment” and “love myself.” I become more caring for myself and I am more willing to understand others.

After the end of this program, I feel that my spirit has finally begun to lighten. Kelly made me understand that I am also the light and love, and my consciousness can create strength and confidence. I am no longer bound by despair and helplessness. Thanks to Kelly for her patience and meticulous counselling, she let me appreciate the love of the universe and let me find my own connection to my higher self. Very grateful~:)

Evelyn (Know Yourself, Love Yourself Program)


Words cannot express my gratitude towards Kelly. I came back to Kelly for the spiritual soul coaching program shortly after she did the readings for me. I learned so much things from this program and I have to say that the knowledge I obtained from schools during these years is teeny-tiny compared with what I learned within this four weeks. The program is more like a life-time learning, once you step into this field, you will get a better understanding about this Universe and yourself. For those who are very into spiritual growth, I would highly recommend you to talk to Kelly and join this program as Kelly will not disappoint you. For those who are brand new to this topic (like myself), I would say practice as much as you can, and be patient, eventually you will see amazing things happened around you! Thank you for everything, Kelly! It is very much appreciated!

C.Chu (Soul Coaching Program/Spiritual Mentorship)


I encountered Kelly by coincidence (synchronicity) online, and I followed my intuition to watch some of her videos on Youtube and found myself resonate with her pick a card (daily divinations) readings very much. Then I asked for a reading. She channeled through my spirit team and provided some invaluable information that I really needed to hear at that time and helped me gain a lot of comfort and confirmation on where I was in life. I also gained a lot of clarity on my inquiry of relationships as well. This is the second time I purchased a reading from Kelly, and since the first time in Easter, lots have changed and happened. I am in this last stage of spiritual awakening and going through a lot of healing. I had a strong intuition but sometimes I didn’t trust myself that much. I was so glad to see that the messages Kelly brought to me from my angels and guides confirmed my intuition and give me some confidence for where I am and what I should do. And I was also very grateful that the reading was almost done within 12 hours (I was amazed at such efficiency!) so that I was able to hear the messages when I needed them the most. Thank you so much Kelly!

Siqi (Channeled Guidance)


I have been interested in metaphysical stuff as a kid, and I have a habit to seek different masters to read for me on a yearly basis, whether they use tarot cards, crystals, western astrology or even Bazi. However in the recent years, I stopped finding masters in Singapore and went to overseas masters instead as I didn’t like their energies. The best way I can describe their energies is I felt heavy and judged, and strangely after the session, I felt even more anxious. We usually go to spiritual healers because we are seeking a resolution, not being stressed even more after the session. I was told by one of my teachers from Taiwan to “go back to my roots”, by finding a healer in Singapore to enrich my spiritual journey. And this is how I met Kelly, accidentally stumbled across her on her Chinese YouTube channel as a random recommendation by YouTube. I found her accent very close to home, so I ended up digging more and when I saw her English channel, I know I need to seek her out. I must say Kelly has always give me a sense of home since day one.

We say in Chinese “一分钱一分货”. In English, it means you get what you pay for. It may be tempting to simply watch her free contents, or to seek other healers who may be offering a more affordable pri than hers but please check out her servicse like “Channelled Reading” or “Spiritual Healing”. Kelly’s strength lies in channelling with her and your Guardian Angels to deliver the messages. This is the reason why Kelly is so nurturing and yet she speaks with a lot of clarity. It’s important to hear the truth in our spiritual journey, so we can be the better version of ourselves and in return, making the world a better place. I am grateful to find Kelly and looking forward to our next reading.

Qiuling (Channeled Guidance)


I’ve been heard about psychic and spiritual healing but never physically involved in it by myself until I watched Kelly’s Youtube channel. Being said that, I do meet a few people who are actually doing spiritual healing so I believe in it, but I didn’t get a chance or a timing to start doing it. Besides, I am very into meditation. That’s why Kelly’s channel catched my eyes, and I can feel that Kelly is trustworthy just by watching her videos, so I decided to send her an email and ask her to do the readings for me as I was so confused about something in my personal life. I was shocked and surprised by her work, we’ve never seen each other before but just by giving some information she can read a lot for me. Kelly is very patient and she answered my questions with adequate details. I am so impressed! Thank you so much, Kelly! I think I will come back to you again in the near future if I face some difficulties in my life or if my family or my friends need some help, I will definitely guide them to you.

C.Chu (Channeled Guidance)


The readings have been extraordinary. They have provided me guidance and reflections on what my life have been and what adjustments I should be making to possibly be a better person. Understand myself and others, and be genuine.

Thank you. Kelly.

Winston (Channeled Guidance)


I was on the other side of the earth while I engage Kelly for this healing session. I totally felt something shift within me, a sense of peace washed over me during the time span when Kelly was performing the healing. The video provided for me after the healing was like a reading that helps me to understand my underlying issues and even provided guidance to what I can do moving forward. Thank you for your patience too in replying to my many emails.

Peggy (Spiritual Healing)


I had no knowledge of what spiritual healing is all about when I came for this. The session was amazing, I am also shocked that Kelly can tell me what happened before in my life, when I did not share anything about it.

Thank you so much for taking time to explain to me what spiritual healing is and what it entails. Thank you for this amazing healing experience. I felt so loved and well taken care of, and determined to grow and walk my decision in life with more confidence.

Jenny (Spiritual Healing)


It surprises me that my mother came to Kelly during my spiritual healing session to convey a message for me and how Kelly is able to share with me exactly what is going on in my life and my worries at that time. I felt a sense of relieve after the session and so loved from the loving energy coming from her. I felt she sincerely want to help me. The following days after the healing session, I felt something within me shifting progressively and it felt like a portal within me has opened and I am able to feel even more intuitively and I feel hopeful. Thank you Kelly for being part of this amazing journey of mine.

Marie (Spiritual Healing)


No words can describe the experience I had with Kelly on the Spiritual Healing she performed for me. I cried tears of happiness and felt amazing energy all around me. I even met my Guardian Angel for the first time, even though I have been trying to connect with them before meeting Kelly.

Cheryl (Spiritual Healing)


I am truly grateful for this reading. It surprises me and resonates
with my current situation a lot. I like your energy and all the cards
you pulled and information you channelled for me.

Shu (Channeled Guidance)


Thank you for the message from the Archangels and the reading. They are all spot on and I have to keep watching the video. I can feel your warmth and sincerity in wanting to help. I am grateful. Much blessings to you too.

Wendy (Channeled Guidance)


I cried while listening to the messages. I am grateful for your existence. I love your energy, you are so full of love and compassion. Thank you for helping me with the messages. They are so true.

Molly (Channeled Guidance)


I am so grateful for the reading. It resonates with my situation and you are so on point. I love your energy and the guidance you have channeled for me.

Sandy (Channeled Guidance)


Thank you so much for the channeled guidance. I felt a loving energy and have more confident to make a major decision in my life. I am now feeling so excited and looking forward to what is coming next.

Zuri (Channeled Guidance)


Thank you for the beautiful message from my grandmother. I was in a depressing period and this message comes so timely. Love.

Mariko (Channeled Guidance)


The report is accurate. Thank you for being so patience in explaining to me in details and taking the time to reply me so many emails, just to point out to me what I need to change and do to get out of my current life cycle. I will definitely recommend anyone who is interested to change to get this report.

Nazri (Bazi Analysis Report)


The report is totally spot on. The accurate analysis on my personality, including how it is affecting my life, and the interactions between me and those around surprises me. I appreciate the sincere advice and the email replies from Kelly. A new perspective has opened up within me and I now view life differently. I feel lighter and happier with this new self discovery and how I can actually take control of my life and situations. Thank you.

Dixie (Bazi Analysis Report)


Mrs Lim (Feng Shui)


Ben Testimonial

– Benjamin (Bazi analysis and Date selection)


Divination testimonial
– Daphne (Phone number analysis)


Thank you Ms Lim for helping me avert a financial fraud. If not for your advice and guidance, I would not have awaken and may cause myself in a dire state.

– Kaylynn (Phone number analysis and Divination)


I am impressed that by just my phone number, Ms Lim can tell my personality accurately, including the ways I would handle and react to things and even the problems that I am facing and why they occur. She then advised and guided me on what and how I can change to improve my life fortune and get myself free from these problems.

I asked Ms Lim another question on my career progression, and she was able to tell me that I actually have an opportunity waiting for me right now, without me offering any information, after having a look at the time.

– Bernice (Phone number analysis and Divination)


I have been going through a rough patch at work and thought of leaving my job. Ms Lim told me to hold on my resignation as my boss will leave very soon. True enough, my boss has tendered and left very sudden. My work place is more conducive now. All thanks to Ms Lim for her advice at that crucial moment.

– Denise (Divination)


I went to Ms Lim to have my Bazi analyzed in regards to my marriage. She told me that I am someone who is attracted to challenges and changes and I am in need of stabilizing my situation so that things can flow in a more positive path for me on my love relationship. One of the recommendations she gave was that no matter what I am doing now in my career, I should continue and it does not matter whether it’s freelance or a full-time corporate job as long as I do not change my path.

True enough, after my contract full-time job ended, I switched back to becoming a freelancer and my then girlfriend whom I intended to propose to, broke up with me. She also told me that when I first switched from freelancing to a full-time corporate job she had wanted to leave me then and it is not about freelancing that worries her but about me switching my plans.

– Keane (Bazi analysis)


I was having some relationship problems and I seek Ms Lim for help. She took a look at the time and told me how this problem come about without me sharing much information with her! I was even more impressed when she went on describing my partner’s personality, as if she has met or heard about him before, which she did not! She has also advised me on how to resolve the issue with my partner and how we can build a better relationship. I made peace with my partner that very same day and we are even more loving now after I followed Ms Lim’s advice.

Jenn (Divination)


I got my Bazi analysed by Ms Lim and she was spot on with my personality and relationships with those around me. She even advised and guide me on what and how I can improve and enhance my life and become a better person, so that I can avoid and prevent problems and unhappiness.

Ken (Bazi analysis)


Mr Hong did a divination for me, and told me that I may have good changes to my career this year, and most likely a promotion with pay raise around Mid-Year. True enough, I accepted a very good opportunity offer from a big company in Mid-year.

Michelle Wong (Divination)


Ms Lim did an analysis on my phone number and told me that I will be having contract issues this year and to be more careful with it, and that I may even have some changes in the office. I did not believe her at that time. 2 months later, I quarreled with my partner and lost a huge contract and a very good opportunity. I should have heeded her advice and could have avoided this loss.

Eric Tan (Phone number analysis)


I got Ms Lim to analyse my Career luck based on my Bazi and she had accurately analysed my personality, and the relationships with my co-workers including my management. She has also advised and guide me on what I can do and how I can gain career success and at the same time, improve my life fortune.

Candy Koh (Bazi analysis)


I was happy that I finally bought my resale flat at woodlands. I made my first conservancy fee payment before I met Mr Hong for coffee. While we were in the car happily sharing my first payment of conservancy fee of my new house, Mr Hong curiously took a look at the amount that I paid for. He told me he was able to divine things by using anything. Definitely I did not believe, and he divine my house using the conservancy amount.

After a moment of silence, Mr Hong warned me that I should be paying attention to the water piping issues of the house. That was not only one, he also spoke about taking note of the stove issue. But all these highlights, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

After some weeks passed, I was told by the neighbors about water pipe issue within the block that needs to resolve with HDB. And I also realized that the stove was having problem and needed to change. I thought that was unbelievable. Mr Hong was really right about those! Well, that was not all. Months later into my 1 year anniversary after I bought the house, I was informed by my neighbor below that actually my master bedroom’s toilet was leaking and it affected them. I will need to spend some money and go through the inconveniences of hacking my master toilet tiles to fix the leakage.

Had I spoke with Mr Hong before I bought the house, I would probably realized it earlier and perhaps I will be more thorough with the previous owner, rather than having to realize, a little too late.

– Nick Lim (Divination)



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