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Using Feng Shui to decode the signs of the Universe

Feng Shui is everywhere. I would like to share one incident on Office Desk Feng Shui. For residential Feng Shui we can engage people to come to our house, however, most people have no choice for office feng shui unless we are our own boss. But at least we can do something to our desk arrangement.

There was a lady whom I helped sometime ago. She’s in service industry and her sales is dependent the number of customers sign up. Previously was smooth and easy for her. But after she returned from her maternity leave, she has problem signing up customers. She related to me that whenever the customers were readied to sign up, they would change their mind at the last minute. I told her to send me the images of her office desk. She told me she would tidy up and take picture of it before sending me. I emphases that it would be good to at least keep it tidy. There you might say, hey my desk is messy, but I am still doing good. Well, now you are, but often when we started to know we are not doing good, it may be too late. And if you could reach 200%, would you be contented just to be at 100%? Say if I am at 200%, when things don’t do well, I may be at 100% if performance is reduced by half. But if I am at 100%, reduced by half I will be at 50%. That is a very big difference, especially for people that are reliant on sales revenue.

So I told her to take pictures and there is a certain area that I instructed her to a standalone image of it. That particular area represents her customers. The image confirmed my earlier guess on affecting her customers. The obvious was the cables obstructing and untidily laid across. The next was the same area had a based that her mirror was placed on. The colour wasn’t suitable and that was also another contributing factor. The third was a little more work. There was a stack of cards and each card has a serial number on it. I did a divination on the first card’s serial number and indicating to her that she replaced the card to the bottom, don’t let it sit obviously there. Then I got her to select the next card and likewise, I did a divination on the card she selected. I told her the card she selected would help her, so place it on the obvious so we can see that card. Essentially we focused on the area that affected her customers.

After that, I only hear from her days after when she thanked me profusely. She was able to sign up customers smoothly. She hadn’t have that feeling for so long. Eventually all is good and smooth sailing for her. And the last I knew, she was busier with her work. I am very happy for her, at least she doesn’t have to worry about putting money on the table every month now. All she needs to worry is about managing her time well.

The purpose of sharing is to let you understand Feng Shui isn’t anything about being superstitious or exaggerating like movies we watched. And many times you don’t need to purposely place auspicious items. Feng Shui is based on Law of Universe, the Law of Attraction. Because this is the Law of Attraction, the environment can not only reveal a person’s information but, everyone who stays in it, whether they are the ones who made the choice or whether they are the owners.

I shall end it here. Looking forward to share more with you next time. If you are keen on our services, you may click here to see.

Using Divination to analyse your career

Hi everyone. Sometime ago I have a friend who just started a new job. He previously resigned and was able to find this current job very quickly. The current job is good but not as perfect as he was expecting an eight hours a day, five days work week kinda job so he could still go for his night class. I think this is reasonable since it is an investment to oneself for bigger purpose in life.

During our conversation, he told me he had went for another interview for a potential company and he asked me if that company is good. Without much being said, I just conveniently did a divination for him basing on time he asked me. I told him the potential company he seeks will be super busy and there is tremendous stress to what he will be doing. He told me yes it will be, just like his previous company, it is a one-man show. He has to handle all stuffs. but he felt attracted to it was because there’s no need to do overtime.

I shared with him that I saw the sign of ‘regret’ in the divination I did and it was not at his favour to move. You know, verbally the potential employer told him there’s no need for overtime, but with long working experience will know this is not totally true. It all depends on what type of job and the industry. I remember when I was in the advertising industry, although I was told no overtime and just make sure things are done nicely, I wasn’t able to leave office on time. Moreover it is a one-man-show, and you cannot expect you could go leave office on time. Try to do that you can see how that will affect your career in the company.

Secondly, I told him this resembles his previous company. He has left the environment why does he want to jump into it again? History will repeat and years later he would have experience the same thing he did in his previous company that he decided to leave for the same reason.

The purpose of this article is because I want to share with you the below;

  1. Most of the time we can and only see the surface of things without analysing deeper, in the end we regretted what we have done. The law of universe tells us that there are Yin and Yang. Yang is what we are able to distinguish and Yin is something that we cannot identify on surface just like the above case.
  2. Law of attraction tells us that we will attract what we are visualising. Many times we fall into vicious cycle is because we were attracted by one of the point we previously comfortable with.
  3. Divination is to decoding the Universe message and assist us on analysing situations to clear our doubts.

I hope I have made you understand more about divination by now. If you are interested to find out more, you may visit our website.

Feng Shui in the 21st Century

Hi everyone. In this 21st century, I would like to inject new perspective about Feng Shui. I had mentioned in some articles previously, it is all about Laws of the Universe. However, even we know this, we will need specialists to analyse and to lead us on how we should do it in proper ways. So people engage Feng Shui masters to help them. But many times, people would think the rate they charge, is a little high for them. I don’t think they understand well enough. People can spend monies on fashions to doll up themselves, some even went on to plastic surgeries. They could feel good for themselves, such like being more self-confidence, at the same time, people could change how they see themselves, at least the first impressions. But I just want to remind you, many times you would came across people that gave you a good impression when you first get to know/ see them, but after you started to communicate with them, you would feel like a 180 degrees perception changed?

Before I continue, let me first educate you on Feng Shui. In the past, at least Tang dynastic and earlier, Feng Shui was only allowed to serve the royal families. Commoners found to use Feng Shui, will be punished or worst, executed. This knowledge was strictly controlled since the royals utilised it to help them to manage the country and its people. That is to say, you could enhance your life, your career and most importantly improve relationships, with the help of Feng Shui. This is what I call “Royal Service”. Now we have the chance to utilise this wisdom to enhance our livings.

Earlier I mentioned about fashions and some people would even go under knives to enhance their looks. In Chinese saying “相由心生”, our looks will change according to what type of person we are, the inner part of us. Perhaps it would then become a habit to change and spend more on clothes, cars or even numerous times on plastic surgery. The feeling of emptiness, feeling of wanting more, or the feeling of proving yourself to others, when you only address the outer look of yours, but not the inner one. Likewise for Feng Shui. There’s why many people would need to have Feng Shui audited yearly. The point is, after you have seen Feng Shui, with all the placements set, the next moment you bought sometime you like, bring it home and place it in the area, eventually mess up the whole energy. So it is “back to the old ways”.

In The Healing Xanadu, we emphasise laws of the universe and everything happens for a reason. We reap what we sow. There are Yin Yang and they co-exist. Likewise for our Feng Shui we not only do the outer placements, but we also place emphasis on inner Feng Shui, just like the Yin and Yang. That is why our Feng Shui audit is one-off. There is no need for annual audit.

The best investment is for ourselves and our family. Don’t be stingy with it as this could take you to the next better stage in life. Laws of the Universe tell us that things go in spiral, and that is to say we would easily be trapped in vicious cycle. If we do not improve, we will definitely go backwards since the society as a whole is moving forward. From industrialisation till to-date you can see how fast we have moved forward.

That’s all for this article and if you are keen to explore further, you can check out our Feng Shui service.

Using ancient wisdom to enhance modern living

Hello everyone. It is again my time to talk about Feng Shui and Divination. Before that, I would like you to take notice the Chinese version of our website has been changed to traditional Chinese. For people residing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, they may be quite easy since they were already using traditional Chinese. But people residing in China and Singapore may not get used to it. Let me take this opportunity to encourage everyone to learn using traditional Chinese as I foresee the uniformity use of  traditional Chinese.

Now, let us talk about divination. Do you think that divination is superstitious? In the past whatever we see in Chinese zodiac signs, divination and feng shui, we just say they were all superstitious because the westerners said so, we follow. Nowadays if you have noticed more and more people from the west, they have tarrot card, oracle card readings and zodiac signs analysis. So you tell me who is really superstitious now? Our forefathers in the ancient civilisation were first to break the Universal codes and understood the laws of the Universe. Using these laws to educate and lead the mass. At the same time these codes can be used for divination and fengshui. Of course thousands of years down the road, there will be people taking these knowledge and blend them into religions. Likewise for the west too. This is a norm thing. It happens everywhere since we are all human beings. So don’t kid yourselves. For those who said others are being superstitious is because they are being superstitious themselves. They put others down so they could artificially raise themselves above others.

The reason to share these is to let everyone has a deeper understanding. We are now in a knowledge era. We should be smarter and our minds clearer. If you always tell people to keep an open-mind, you should walk the talk. The Universe is two ways, not just one way. Using this ancient wisdom, we hope to improve everyone’s livings. Our lives have improved due to technology, industrialisation and commercialisation. But our health is slowly going downhill. We overstrained our body with technology and lifestyles, we are feeling stress and all the frustration everyday and there we go, deepening ourselves into the vicious cycle. When we don’t treat ourselves as human beings, our bodies gradually fall apart. Stomach problems, cancer, anxiety disorder, insomnia and etc. Families breaking apart, couples quarrel and eventually went into divorce. Why do we want to do that to ourselves?

Many situations can be prevented if we are able to pick up the early signs or underlying problems by various method, one which is using fengshui to detect early signs such like injury if one of your neighbour has placed a hospital-liked bedding seeable at one of the direction of your home. This is a tell-tale sign that can be avoided.

Before I end this, let me iterate the Universe is alive. The birth of the stars till their death and then they rebirth from the size of an atom to a bright star again. A closer illustration that you could comprehend is the four seasons on earth. These are all science. There is nowhere any superstitious about it.

If you are keen to know more about us and our services, please visit our website: thehealingxanadu.com