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Do not be afraid of people who talk bad about you

Do not fear people who talk bad about you

People talk bad about you because they are intimidated by you, your light. They do not want to be left behind, alone in the dark and thus, hope others stay with them in the dark.

Most of the times, as you realise, the things people talk about you are untrue. Simply because they are just reflecting themselves on you, and making judgements of what they have upon themselves on you. This includes both the good and bad things they talk about. In fact, it is their soul trying to show them the part that they need to bring to light and heal, by reflecting on others.

As they see the light in you, and at the same time their dark aspects being reflected out to them, they are afraid. They are scared that others will judge them like they judged you, so they start to spread untrue things about you, or sometimes they thought are true about you. They do not like it that you are shining your true light, and that is something that they are afraid of. And they do not like it that they are being led to the awareness of their dark aspects, for they refused to believe that that is them. They have to bring you back down with them, so others may see you as them, or even as them being above you, for they are the ones who took the lead to bring you back down.

Let’s talk about an example to help you relate more:

“A group of friends decided to watch a movie together, and they could not decide on the movie title, as there are differing views and preferences. So one of the girls, let’s name her Ada, stood up and said that it is ok to not watch the movie title that she’d like to watch today, and that she can go home so the rest can proceed with what they want to watch. And so She went home.”

So what do you think about this story here? Are you making judgements on Ada or the rest of the group of friends? What would you do or think or feel, if you were the group of friends? OR what would you do or think or feel if you were Ada?

I find this interesting to meditate upon and think about your choices and judgements being made based on this short story, and shall continue in another article at a later date. *UPDATE BELOW*

So you may have knowingly or unknowingly already made judgements on either Ada or the group of friends. Let’s continue with the story.

“After Ada went home. The group of friends were furious and upset. They tried to make Ada to stay and watch the movie with them but, she refused and would prefer to go home. She even offered to watch the movie title that she wanted alone, and would be very happy to meet up again on another day. She would prefer all not to waste time discussing or negotiating and go ahead and watch the movie that everyone desires.

The group of friends think otherwise, and among them, there were also some who prefer to watch what Ada wanted, but they thought to themselves that they would prefer to go with the majority for fear of being talked badly about behind their backs for not having a group thinking. They too, were unhappy with Ada, wondering why if they could “sacrifice” and follow the group and she could not. They were unhappy with the independence thinking of Ada, and the guts of Ada to choose to go home instead of spending the money on something she does not like. They are envious of Ada for being able to stay convicted to her own choice, for not being afraid of the judgements from others.

Ada on the other hand did not have any negative thoughts nor emotions from this episode. She respected herself, and her friends for their choices. She feels that instead of her going along and not be happy which may affect the energy of the group negatively too, and vice versa, she choose to leave in peace and would be happy to rejoin them at a later date for another movie or even gathering.”

I will stop the story here. Have you now changed your thoughts on this story? Take some time again to think and reflect on your life and those around you. Are there similar incidents that happened before?

The group of friends were unhappy with Ada, some thinking that Ada is not being happy by walking away. This is because they, themselves are not happy with what happened and they think Ada would be too. They even thought that Ada is being selfish, but Ada is only standing her ground of her own choice. They were the ones being selfish for wanting Ada to follow them even though she would not be happy doing that. For the ones who sacrificed, they wanted Ada to be like them, doing things that affect them negatively, and not be happy with her choice. Can you see now how everyone is reflecting their own thoughts and projecting them on another?

You may think that this is a very simple and yet “no big deal” kind of example. But, the way you handle a certain thing or event, no matter how big or small, it reflects the way you handle everything. Take time to go within and observe yourself and those around you. How different are you from them and them from you? Have you been afraid of judgements that you have been sacrificing yourself, and jealous of people like Ada?

If you are like Ada, then all the more you should not be afraid of those who are jealous of you, for they are the ones with issues they need to heal. You can choose to help them, or walk away. Because you cannot save everyone, and that you have to ensure your own well is filled before you can fill another.

history will always repeat itself

History will always repeat itself

Why History will always repeat itself? Because Life is not a straight line, but a spiral. You will always come back to the same but yet still different. You will discover deeper meanings into things that you thought you already understood. And this is because, Life is about helping you to realise how strong you always are, and how much stronger you have and will become.

Know that the Universe will never give you anything you cannot handle. Trust and have faith in yourself. You can and have the ability to overcome the challenges, and as you were being reminded of the challenges, you will remember how strong you are and not allow yourself to fall back down. Realise you have come so far with all that you have gone through. You have achieved much and not achieved nothing like you may thought.

If you have been caught in uncomfortable situations, and observed the same cycle in your life. Know that until you realised what you are meant to learn from the lesson, can you be aware of the solution to break this cycle. But as you become aware and observed the same negative cycle that is going on in your life, this is the breaking point where you will begin to open up and receive the solution to break this cycle and stop this repeated history.

Have faith in yourself. Only YOU can break this cycle and only YOU can create your own world.

Your Life Purpose Involves Following Your Heart, Your Joy

Your Life Purpose Involves Following Your Heart, Your Joy

As with the previous post, to find and fulfil your life purpose, you have to be aligned with your Soul, your true self. When you feel joy and happiness, you are aligned with your Soul, your true self, and in turn, you found your life purpose. Are you still confused or getting confused with the opening?

Our Soul, our true self is always guiding us towards our life purpose and our soul purpose. There is a difference and we will discuss the difference of our Life Purpose and Soul Purpose in another article. So to continue, our Soul is always guiding us towards our life purpose is because that is what we set out to do for coming to Earth, to this lifetime. Our soul is Us, and we want to fulfil our life purpose before we leave this lifetime. So you now understand why is it that our heart and joy can guide us to our life purpose? When we are trying to fulfil our life purpose, we are trying to complete our so-called “mission” and when we are achieving our “mission” there will of course be a sense of achievement, a sense of satisfaction and joy, isn’t it? When we are not on our life purpose, we may feel something is being amiss, something needs to be done and yet we do not know and cannot point a finger to this feeling, because we have not yet start on our goal, which is to fulfil our life purpose. It is like when you have not completed a homework from school or a project from work, you will worry, and within you, you know something needs to be completed.

When you are on the path of your life purpose, you will feel happiness and joy from your heart, because within you, your subconscious, your soul, your true self will know that, and “they” are celebrating that “you” and “them” are on your way towards achieving your goals. And as you are clearing the “stages” set out in this path, the Universe will reward you with what you desire and support all your needs.

Trust your heart, trust your joy.

Magic happens when you are aligned with your true self

Magic happens when you are aligned with your true self

Still there are so many people who do not understand the meaning of this quote “Magic happens when you are aligned with your true self”. Just because they do not yet see their true selves and do not yet understand their true selves. What they think they know about their true selves are only but illusions created by their EGOs.

So how do you then know if what you know about your true self is TRUE or an illusion? If you feel frustrated, lost, upset, emotional, all these negative emotions usually stem from you not being aligned. When you are aligned, your soul feels free and loved, you will understand you get to create your world. You will be able to see the magic and miracles that have been surrounding you since the day you decided to come to this Earth. You will be able to see the unconditional love that is and has always been surrounding you, guiding you to your path. And only when you are truly aligned, can you feel this satisfaction and happiness right from within and reflecting it outside to those around you and the world.

Take time to learn and observe, go deep within your inner self, dig deep and discover. The easiest and best method is to meditate. Meditation can help you to train your focus, and silent your EGO, in so let you reach your inner self and have a conversation with it.