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Observe behaviours and events around you

It is not what you did that is causing the events happening to and around you. It is that they are going to happen and the universe is trying to warn you through the signs and symbols around you which you may not be aware. This is synchronicity.

Below are 3 examples for your references:

True story I:
A friend wanted to place an item at the top of the bed at his head area. Immediately, we knew that he is having some issues with his head. True enough, he was having headaches of late due to some stress he is facing. He has unconsciously reflected a message sent by the universe and he is not aware. We advised him to shift the furniture away and now he is free from the headache that has been plaguing him for some time.

True story II:
Another friend placed a box of water in his bedroom thinking that water is “wealth” as he wants to gain more wealth. Due to the area that he placed his water, he ended up getting retrenched. The reason for him to place the water at the wrong place is because he is unconsciously reflecting a message sent by the universe and he is not aware.

True story III:
Mr Lim hung up some decorations on the wall during the festive season, and Mrs Lim thought it was grandmother who hung it up. This shows a message that the grandmother will have some incidents happening relating to her legs and joints in the near future. True enough, a week after, grandmother fell down and hurt her legs. Luckily, it was not serious. Had Mr Lim not remove the decorations immediately when we told him to, things could be worse. It is because that this incident is going to happen that Mr and Mrs Lim have unconsciously received the message and are not aware.

Therefore, observe what is happening around you, including your own behaviours and thoughts, as well as others’. Become aware of your surroundings and you will find synchronicity all around you. Prepare yourself for what is coming up in your life so that you can grasp the opportunities and avoid adversities.

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What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is the foundation of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as “being”, “knowing”, “identity”, “time”, and “space”. It attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world, e.g., The existence, objects’ properties, Time and Space, Cause and Effect, and all possibilities.

The basic nature of the body, mind and emotions is related to how we perceive the physical world. This can now be measured and observed using instruments and technology that could not be imagined in Aristotle’s time or any of the other big names (Confucius, Mencius, Kant) in philosophy.

Modern days Quantum mechanics and quantum physics have added new dimensions to what we now call metaphysical science, providing us with tested and proven models that demonstrate how our physical world is not really physical.

Neuroscience and consciousness studies have shown how the world we experience as physical is created by our thought and feeling in the mind. Worldwide endeavors such as The Intention Experiment and The Global Coherence Initiative are demonstrating the impact of human thought and emotion upon our planet and each other.

Chinese Metaphysics

Chinese metaphysics is a constituent part of Taoism, a philosophy based on Qi, the energy – the principle of the Yin & Yang balance and the theory of 5 elements. Therefore, the ancient Chinese sciences like Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Face Reading, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as I Ching divination all represent parts of the very same knowledge.

For thousands of years the Chinese have been observing nature, researching how it affects the man and his life. The Chinese understand that our destiny consists of the following 3 parts, The Heaven, The Earth and The Human. (天, 地, 人)

  1. Heaven Luck (天) is what the universe gives us at the time of our birth. It is the inscription of our life path, our potentials as well as our life lessons and destiny.
  2. Earth Luck (地) is represented by our surrounding environment, the energy that is generated by the landscape of the Earth.
  3. Human Luck (人) is the vital energy, the life force within every human being.

A human being can affect his or her own vital energy by self-cultivation, healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, meditation and rising of own awareness. Feng Shui (风水) knowledge and the understanding of nature’s energy can influence the Earth Fortune. The only Luck that cannot be affected by human is Heaven Fortune, representing a third of our destiny.

The ancient Chinese astrologers developed the knowledge of I Ching that can be applied as a tool to foresee the events in one’s life, identify the repetitive causes, determine and locate favorable periods for action and also discover and unveil one’s talents and potential.

Chinese Astrology is NOT about fortune telling, it is counseling aiming to lead us to a better understanding of (one’s) life, life situations and life lessons.

Indian Metaphysics


Sāṃkhya is an ancient system of Indian philosophy based on a dualism involving the ultimate principles of consciousness and matter. Its method was most influential on the development of Early Buddhism.

The Sāmkhya is an enumerationist philosophy whose epistemology accepts three of six pramanas (proofs) as the only reliable means of gaining knowledge. These include pratyakṣa (perception), anumāṇa (inference) and śabda (āptavacana, word/testimony of reliable sources).

Samkhya is known for its theory of guṇas (qualities, innate tendencies). Guṇa, it states, are of three types:

  1. Sattva being good, compassionate, illuminating, positive, and constructive.
  2. Rajas is one of activity, chaotic, passion, impulsive, potentially good or bad.
  3. Tamas being the quality of darkness, ignorance, destructive, lethargic, negative.

Everything, all life forms and human beings, have these three guṇas, but in different proportions. The interplay of these guṇas defines the character of someone or something, of nature and determines the progress of life.

The Samkhya theory of guṇas was widely discussed, developed and refined by various schools of Indian philosophies, including Buddhism.


Realization of the nature of Self-identity is the principal object of the Vedanta system of Indian metaphysics. In the Upanishads, self-consciousness is not the first-person indexical self-awareness or the self-awareness which is self-reference without identification, and also not the self-consciousness which as a kind of desire is satisfied by another self-consciousness. It is Self-realisation; the realisation of the Self consisting of consciousness that leads all else.

Part of this article is extracted from Wikipedia.


Factors which affect Life and Fate

Fate includes two meanings. The first is life, and that is, by the date and time of birth permutations that reflect good and bad fortune. Second is Luck, at every stage of a person’s life, traversed by a combination of Luck, constitutes the different life and luck of a person. So what are the factors affecting the life and fate of a person?

Feng Shui

Feng Shui can affect a person’s degree of wealth and rank, if you have the wealth in your life, Feng Shui can make you wealthier, such as from a few million into tens of millions. These things carry messages in synchronization, for a person in bad luck, you are able to tell from his birth chart, Feng Shui and Name. We will never be able to see a person in bad luck with a good Feng Shui phenomenon, and in other words, if a person is lucky, they often are able to find a good Feng Shui place of a residence.

Social and Environment

Here it refers to the different locations in the same Era.For example, for the same official luck in birth chart, the person may become an official in China but, in other democratic countries, this person could be a manager of an enterprise. Wealth luck in the birth chart, if you are living in the city, it could mean that you have more wealth and if you are living in the country, it could mean that you may harvest a few more bags when compared to others.


The same person, born thousands of years ago in ancient times, or born today, or even after thousands of years in the future, there is a difference in fate. There is also a huge difference, even if its only a difference in a few years. For example, in ancient society, if there are a few storeys within a house, it could be one of the best architecture building, but in modern society, it could be a common architecture building. Therefore, when analysing on life and fate, it should not be separated from the Era, and the same birth chart in different Eras have different fate.

Birth Chart

The year, month, day and time of birth together form the birth chart, Bazi of a person. Bazi is based on the relationship between the Day Master and the other heavenly stems and earthly branches within the four pillars, combined with the controlling or producing relationships with decade luck and yearly luck. At the same time, reference to other various factors like God Killings, to predict the circumstances of life. The year, month, day and time of Birth reflect the base of the fate of a person’s life.


The Name has hidden influencing information, which can influence the personality, health, marriage, wealth and career luck of a person. Life is made from the heaven and unfortunately, we are not able to change it; Name can determine good and bad luck, and it is man-made. Having a good name is a treasure and a good name will bring good luck.

Do good and accumulate merit

A person doing good and an evil person both have a disaster, and the good man could be having a minor illness, while the evil person will have a serious illness; Doing good may not resolve all the disasters, but it can reduce disasters to the minimum, and can increase good fortune.

Working hard

There are many ways of working hard, keep a good attitude in daily life. Choose clothings with favourable colours, or accessories or choose to develop in favourable location and use more of favourable numbers. Choose the person whose birth chart consists of your favourable elements as your spouse.

Five Elements

Five elements

The Five elements of the I Ching, book of changes, is the most basic introductory knowledge, but if you can research them thoroughly, you will know that it is not that easy. Our world is full of rules and regulations, we have five senses, five organs, five kinds of emotions, and so it is called the world of five elements.

In I Ching, book of changes, it follows law of the rules and relationships of the five elements, to explore the law of things in life. The relationships between the five elements are complicated, there are transformation and producing relationships, restraining and controlling relationships, combination relationships, punishment relationships, harmful relationships, but in summary, it is the producing and controlling relationships of the Five elements.

The Five elements theory is a conclusion from our ancestors through their life practices; They think that the universe is made up of the Five elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth, and they appear in different forms and have different reactions on different things.

Five Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black

Five Sound (Pentatonic): A, U, O, I, E

Five Flavours: Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Spicy, Salty

Five Organs: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney

Five Emotions: Pleasure, Joy, Desire, Anger, Sadness

Five Virtues: Benevolence, Propriety (in demeanor), Good Faith (Truth), Uprightness of Mind (Purity or righteousness), and Wisdom (Knowledge or enlightenment)

The so-called Five elements producing and controlling relationships, is actually, transformation is equivalent to producing in, controlling is equivalent to restraining;

The order of the five elements producing in relationships: Wood produce Fire, Fire produce Earth, Earth produce Metal, Metal produce Water, and Water produce Wood;

The order of the five elements controlling in relationships: Wood control Earth, Earth control Water, Water control Fire, Fire control Metal, and Metal control Wood;

The bearing of the five elements and their colors:

East belongs to Wood, and represents Green and Blue-Green;

West belongs to Metal, and represents Pure White, Cream White and Silver;

South belongs to Fire, and represents Red, Pink, and warm colors;

North belongs to Water, and represents black, dark blue, and cool colors;

The intersection of Wood, Metal, Fire, Water is Earth, and it represents Yellow, the color in the center of the transition of all the five elements.