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Spiritual Mentorship


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In this fully personalised 28 days program, I will work together with your Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels to awaken your Soul, and guide you to discover your true self, including your life lessons and how you can heal, to support your spiritual growth, to reach your highest spiritual potential in this lifetime.

Through this program, you will:

  • Awaken your soul and remember who you are
  • Awaken your psychic abilities
  • Remembering the skills, wisdom and knowledge of your Soul
  • Discover the issues you need to heal
  • Your life lessons
  • Raise your self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Remembering your Past Lives*
  • Heighten your spiritual potential
  • Learn to protect yourself energetically and understand what psychic attack is
  • Learn how to meditate to connect with your inner self (Soul) and trust your intuition
  • Learn what is and how to access the Akashic Records
  • Learn how to Channel and communicate with Angels and Spirits

*The number of past lives you will get to remember and what you can remember through your Soul, is dependent on individual and divine timing.

Through this program, you will receive:

  • Private access to me via emails
  • 4 PDF workbooks
  • 4 online Face time sessions with me (around 4 hours each – may be longer depending on the energy, and will take place in 1 week’s interval)
  • 1 certification of course completion

After this program, you will be able to

  • Attune others to awaken their souls and psychic abilities
  • Read the Akashic Records of others and your own
  • Guide others to access their own Akashic Records
  • Perform channeling and receive guidance for others as well as your own
  • Hold classes and programs of your own

Please see below for feedback from those who have attended this program.


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Clients Testimonials

“Words cannot express my gratitude towards Kelly. I came back to Kelly for the spiritual soul coaching program shortly after she did the readings for me. I learned so much things from this program and I have to say that the knowledge I obtained from schools during these years is teeny-tiny compared with what I learned within this four weeks. The program is more like a life-time learning, once you step into this field, you will get a better understanding about this Universe and yourself. For those who are very into spiritual growth, I would highly recommend you to talk to Kelly and join this program as Kelly will not disappoint you. For those who are brand new to this topic (like myself), I would say practice as much as you can, and be patient, eventually you will see amazing things happened around you! Thank you for everything, Kelly! It is very much appreciated!”
– C.Chu –

“The fate with Kelly still feels amazing. I have went for several channeled guidance and spiritual healing. Finally, I registered for the Spiritual Mentorship program with Kelly. Kelly is very responsible and patient (really very patient and attentive). She led me step by step to “recover my soul and strength.”
“Retrieving my own soul” is so happy and moving. I knew from a very young age that I was very sensitive, but I never fully trusted my inner strength. I had already been in contact with Kelly many times before class, so I totally trust her. The point is that the process is very comfortable and enjoyable, I don’t think I am “taught by a teacher.” I only feel that Kelly is really like an Angel. “She is helping me, guiding me to find my inner strength, and guiding me to feel the Holy Spirit who is always protecting me.” And there are a lot of long-term doubts that I “Suddenly realized.” during the course. Kelly looks beautiful and gentle. But I feel that her inner strength is very strong, but it is very “humble.” She will not give herself “any status label”, bringing warmth and strength. I always feel that this is a really strong leader.

Now is a new era, a new earth, we need such a person~ It’s so good to have her
When the final lesson is in contact with the Holy Spirit, channeling, the feeling is “unspeakable”. I can feel strong love surrounding me. Unspeakable excitement and feelings.

I can’t express “this feeling” in words. I can only really write down the feedback in text, I hope that some people can see it. “If you see these words and see it here, please believe that the universe is leading you. If you have been interested in this aspect of spirituality, or have been afraid, Don’t be afraid. These fears, I have experienced too. Please give yourself a chance, you can ask about the course ~ kelly will patiently answer. And perhaps this opportunity, can help you find the soul lost in life.

Until the end of the class, I was able to connect with the Holy Spirit in meditation.
As human beings, we must learn all our lives. Perhaps in the “real life” the brain will control or have doubts. But I am very grateful to come here. I really believe in my strength. I found my inner core. I found my strength and value. I understand that “no one in this world can really bring you happiness, and no one can really give you any answers, only you.”

In fact, at the end, I feel Kelly is like my confidant. I am a Taiwanese, although I am in a different place. But I always feel that Kelly is like a soul family on earth. Whenever there are some challenges in life, I would look back and think about this connection with Kelly. It is touching and there will be a warm current in the heart.
It made me feel that there are people on this planet who are as brave as I am to exercise their sacred life mission. Thank you Kelly.”
– Wawa –

I first came to Kelly for a tarot reading in March 2018 asking about my love interest as I was being ghosted and been very upset about it. I only just gave her one-liner description about my situation and yet she was able to read like a close friend. I was so blown away by her reading that I seek her again in May for a channelled tarot reading, as I wanted to hear what my Spirt team has to say. At that point, I was still affected by my love interest, but I wanted to do something for myself. I also entirely have no freaking idea what is a “Spirit team “. She started the reading aloud a love letter she channelled, and I was astonished, sending chills down my spine. This is when I realised Kelly’s gifts comes with channelling and sharing messages from the Angels and then sharing with the mortal folks like me. During this period, I also went to many other tarot readers (yes, unfortunately asking about that one who ghosted me LOL) and they have said that I am experiencing this phrase called “dark night of the soul”. In the layman term, we called it “quarter-life crisis/mid-life crisis”. Now I looked back, I said it’s a spiritual awakening. I am hitting my 30s but still feeling lost like a teenager. I have been working as a barista for 7 years. I went into it because I love coffee, but somehow, I still feel dead inside. It was a hard realisation to admit that I don’t know my life purpose and is still not doing what I love.

Somehow, there are voices inside me telling me to seek Kelly again for answers. During these times, the voices inside me are getting stronger to a point that I cannot ignore their words anymore. I also am still in touch with Kelly from time to time before the Spiritual Mentorship, updating her about my situation. Kelly is even kind enough to give me some discounts. What I enjoyed from Kelly is that she speaks with the wisdom of a teacher but never egoistic to put her students down. In fact, she talks to me a lot like a friend and it makes me feel light-hearted and giddy after our lessons. I did know how to meditate, the concept of charkas before meeting her, but when she said I already know I can channel, I spooked out. My impression of channelling is someone getting possessed and went psychotic so during this programme, I finally understand why I can hear so many voices (No, I am very sure I am not schizophrenic lol); the voices inside me all these times is my spirit team! The hair-raising part is when I asked back to my spirit team if they can tell me their names; I didn’t expect to get an instant response. I scribbled the names down and google them, and holy cow, they exist! As the lessons go by, my spirit team can even share with me some glimpses of my several past lives, and the encounters with some of the people around me in our past lives. Kelly is definitely part of my soul family.

Most of us live in a world that is deeply enmeshed in the material stuff. (the 3D world) We spent too much time accumulating more things, status likes and making people liking us and this got us operating in the world of scarcity. The society functions like this and many of us get pressured into it. If one of us break out of the system, we will seem like a “weirdo”, an “outcast”. In times, we live in this state of being not good enough, always feeling separated from someone. If you have this feeling like I do, this programme is a good start. It’s worth investing in our spiritual growth as our higher selves, our spirit team reside in the 5D world. They don’t care for our ego, our money, our possession, our job title etc; the external stuff. They don’t operate in fear. They don’t listen to our excuses. All they want is our faith in them, being consistent in our practice and what they promise is unconditional love. Every time our intuition comes through and expresses our truth, the ego mind shouts out: “Prove it!” So, we shut down again, as we are unable to prove what we feel. We believe we find the answers to our quest for happiness externally, outside of us. The answers have always been inside us. There is a reason why this cliché “Love yourself before loving other” has been quoted so often. This is the key to manifestation and abundance.

It has been a great blessing to meet Kelly. Thank you for opening my mind, allowing me to reconnect with my spirit team. I hope more people can walk this path and honour their spiritual gifts like what Kelly does.
– Qiuling –

I have participated in both Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Mentorship Program with Kelly. Spiritual Healing is a remote healing service and Kelly has not seen me before. In the video for Spiritual Healing, Kelly was able to accurately point out the shadow side of me, and of course the positive aspects of me, and that made me amazed with the abilities of Kelly. Through Spiritual Healing, my darkest fear was pointed out to me, and she taught me how to let go of it. Spiritual Mentorship Program built on the foundation of what I have learnt about myself from Spiritual Healing, through this program, I was guided to relax, release and live in the moment of NOW. In the face-to-face sessions, I was trying my best to focus, and at the same time feeling nervous and excited, and sometimes feeling nervous that Kelly can read my mind, but I only need to know that Kelly is an Angel who has incarnated on Earth, my heart felt touched and safe immediately.

I am always looking forward to our online Face time sessions. I am late in the process of awakening, but I am lucky to have met a good teacher. The very first time I watched the Video on The Healing Xanadu’s YouTube channel, I immediately know that I want to registed this course with her. Kelly is very young but, with the way she customise her course, her knowledge and wisdom in spirituality are limitless, and I am again in awe of her psychic abilities through this program. In each session, I was guided through meditation to remember my journey, access akashic records and channeling, I have difficulties with meditations and Kelly analysed that it may be due to an inner fear that I hold within, she did not go into details, as she believe I can see it with my ability and it is this fear that is preventing me from seeing things with clarity. She then guided me to open and expand my heart chakra, to receive in acceptance and to learn to relax. She also guided me to believe that I deserve all good things to happen for me. The inspirational praises and guidance that are provided by Kelly makes me feel grateful for every moment in life. 2018 is the year of my awakening, to realise I am surrounded by the love of the Universe. Let us witness our own great creativity together. Bless Kelly, Bless everyone!

– Lancy –

“Kelly is always an inspiring teacher. She never fails to uplift me with a new insight every time I slip back into my old habit of self doubt. Life may seem harder when we are in the process of transition to go back to the origin of us, i.e. love and light. And to come across this course is one of the blessing I’d count on in my life. It helps me to regain my inner strength, to turn knowledge into wisdom and so when life presents me with challenge, I’d know how to immerse fully in the experience. Thank you Kelly for being my angel on earth.”
– Lena –

The reason for taking this class is that I am confused about my life, I don’t know what I want, I really want to know why I am in this world. In fact, I hesitated for a long time. I was afraid that I could not get anything and wasted money. Then I took the courage and decided to ask what the course content was. Kelly also patiently and clearly answered my question. I feel very at ease.

The way to take classes is to use online meeting, once a week, for a total of four times, around 2hr-3hr. I would recommend people who want to go to class, to use a computer as the screen is relatively large, the eyes don’t have to stare for too long, uncomfortable, prepare a microphone, and have a notebook with a pen to write down the important things in the course. In fact, there will be handouts after class.

In this course, I learned to believe in my instincts, and become more grateful, and more sensitive to energy, and the emotional ups and downs will be more obvious. I also understand that for many things “results” are not the key points. “Experiencing the current process” is what really makes you grow and heal. Just like when you asked a question and got an answer, you still don’t want to believe it. Because you haven’t experienced the things in the middle of the journey, you won’t know why you need this answer, and you won’t cherish that answer. I want to remind everyone that this is just a course to guide you through, and you still need your own practice. There is absolutely no short cuts to reach the sky. You need to meditate often, take time to practice, and write down the content of each meditation. Then you will know what kind of guidance the Universe wants to give you. Slowly comprehend ⋯⋯

I always started to liken myself to be a prophet, with a pre-supposed answer in my heart. In the meditation time and time again, when I can’t see the answer I want, I don’t think I can see anything. I asked Kelly “Why I still don’t know what I want, even after the class?” Kelly responded to my inner question. I am angry when I heard the answer at first, and I can’t accept it. Kelly also answered me patiently. Those answers hit me hard, and made me realised it is what I needed to heal and learn.

After what happened, I slowly understood that all these are for me to experience the present, to heal my own problems, to open my heart, to accept all of this, and to understand that “all this is the best arrangement.” At the beginning of the practice, I felt tired but still wanted to challenge, I was also full of hope and yet full of doubt. I learned not to reject the lessons. In a few days, I found a lot of synchronicity and miracles. Example: In meditation I saw a combination of squares and triangles. I wonder what it is? One day, my friend chatted with me, and talked to me about human figure charts. He told me to show him my human figure chart. And when I took it out and saw the human figure chart, I got a surprised. The patterns are exactly the images I saw in my meditation. Another time in meditation, I said, “I don’t know what you mean by the images you gave. I want a clearer answer. Like words, you can understand it at a glance.” After that, I found it in a lot of books about spirituality which confirmed what I have learned in the course that Kelly taught me. I am full of excitement.

All this is so wonderful. If you don’t believe this, then you definitely get more value. You can learn more. Your heart will be more open. Don’t set yourself within a framework. Everything is not just an answer, but open. There is a choice in everything. Everyone has a free will. I am still learning, and I am trying to live in the present and I cherish everyone around me. Thanks to Kelly for guiding me, I am willing to learn all this with an open mind.

– Lilian (Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Mentorship Program)-

It’s no coincidence that everything happened. Going to Kelly for Spiritual Mentorship Program. I know this is what I should do. In just half a year, I have embarked on this path from a person who does not know Spirituality at all. I know this is my soul path. From some events, gradually introduced by the soul team step by step, bit by bit, Start meditation, Vipassana… search the Internet for a lot of spiritual information. Later, the time has come, a strong belief tells me that I am looking for Kelly to take classes. When I was in class with Kelly, I was able to get into the situation more easily. I think Kelly’s own energy is high enough; Whether it’s Kelly’s class or the angel telling me through her, she always mentioned things that I needed to know at the right time, although I don’t have to ask questions. Kelly taught me to believe in myself, and to believe in my instincts. She also taught me that when I do these meditations, I should pay attention to things and protect myself. I think this is really important for people who are taking the Spiritual roads. I sincerely thank my soul team and sincerely thank Kelly.

– Jane –

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