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Psychic Channeled Reading


*Price displayed is in Singapore Dollars (SGD $).
(No limit to the numbers/types of questions.)

I will receive messages of loving guidance from your Guardian Angels/Spiritual Guides and use oracle/tarot cards to help you understand the messages with visuals to your questions, decks used will be per advised by your Spiritual Guides/Guardian Angels. The session will be recorded and uploaded onto my YouTube Channel. The video will be private and only you will have access to the video.

For how my videos will be like, you can refer to my YouTube channel for reference.

Duration: around 30mins

As an Extra bonus, I am open to receive additional messages of wisdom and loving guidance for you to help you move forward and progress.

Note: You are also welcome to request the reading to be in a PDF format instead of Video.


Divine beings from the higher realms are always around us and looking out for us. However, they are not able to intervene unless we request or in times of emergency.

In this session, I will connect with the Divine beings (Spiritual Guides/Guardian Angels), to help gain clarity and insights to your issues of concerns, and receive guidance of love to help you move forward in life. Sometimes, the core issue to your problems may not be what you think it is. This is like a letter from them to you.

I will also use oracle and tarot cards as tools to help you understand the messages with images, and receive answers to your immediate questions.

There are times where we may receive additional wisdom knowledge that are not targeted at your question but we need to know in order to progress. Please note that the messages of love you receive are what you need to hear at that moment in time.

For this service, If healing is needed, I am open to help facilitate in transmitting the energy to you. I am also open to provide spiritual coaching via Email if it is needed to help you to move forward and progress.

Note: I am not a fortune teller, nor do I tell you what your future holds. I will help you receive guidance and messages of love and compassion, from the place of truth to help you create a future you want, and get aligned with your best and highest path. I will help point you to the direction to finding answers yourself as I am not here to take away your rights and do your “homework” for you.

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