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Psychic Cards Reading


*Price displayed is in Singapore Dollars (SGD $).

This service is limited to one type of question.(Love/Career/Finances/Wealth/Business/Family,etc.)

I will provide reading targeted at your issues of concerns with the use of Oracle and Tarot cards as tools, coupled with channeled information that I receive during the session. For how my videos will be like, you can refer to my YouTube channel for reference.

Duration: 20 mins

As an Extra bonus, I am open to receiving additional wisdom for you if it is needed.

You are also welcome to request your reading to be sent in PDF format instead of video.
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Gain insights, clarity and guidance to any immediate questions that you may have and possible results of decisions you are planning to make or simply a general guidance to what is of utmost importance to you at the moment.

In this session, I will connect with your Spiritual Guides/Guardian Angels to receive answers to your immediate questions, with the use of oracle and tarot cards as tools for guidance. The number of cards and decks used will be chosen and directed by your Spiritual Guides/Guardian Angels.

I can channel information without any tools and these cards are selected to help you get a clearer vision of the message I am sharing with you from them.

For an in-depth reading with additional wisdom knowledge sharing of love, please refer to our Psychic Channeled Reading .

Note: I am not a fortune teller, nor do I tell you what your future holds. I will help you receive guidance and messages of love and compassion, from the place of truth to help you create a future you want, and get aligned with your best and highest path. I will help point you to the direction to finding answers yourself as I am not here to take away your rights and do your “homework” for you.

NOTE: We do not and would not advise you to make any decisions, as it is entirely up to you to control your own destiny.

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