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Office Desk Feng Shui


Are you troubled with your career?

Are your projects always met with problems and obstacles?

We have decided to offer this popular Office Desk Feng Shui service to you. No matter which part of the world you are working at, we are able to help you work on your work desk feng shui.

All you need is to send us:
One overview of your desk,
A closer view of the left half of your desk,
The other right half image of your desk
Total three images.

*There is no need to rearrange or tidy up for the photo. We need the original and natural state, of how your office desk looks everyday.

We will then advise you on how to place the items on your work desk to help you fight against challenges and obstacles at work.


  1. The total file size must not exceed 9MB via email
  2. You do not need to buy special items or extra items for this service
  3. Do not expect results will happen overnight. Kindly manage your expectation.

*This consultation is by Huo Shen Ming (Fang QingXiong).

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