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Life is not always smooth. There will be times when you are down in life and met with obstacles. You could be drained by office politics, the relationship problems between your colleagues, boss or even people close to you, finding yourself in a viscous cycle, never ever to get out. We are here to help bring you back on track and better your life.

We will provide you with your report and schedule the four hours online live session, once your e-report is done. You can also choose to skip the live session, and ask us questions over emails.

Please provide us with your date and time of birth via email, after making the payment, or you can also add in the order notes before check out

*This consultation is with Fang QingXiong.

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Clients Testimonials


“The report is totally spot on. The accurate analysis on my personality, including how it is affecting my life, and the interactions between me and those around surprises me. I appreciate the sincere advice and the email replies from Kelly. A new perspective has opened up within me and I now view life differently. I feel lighter and happier with this new self discovery and how I can actually take control of my life and situations. Thank you.”
– Dixie –

“I went to Mr Hong to have my Bazi analyzed in regards to my marriage. She told me that I am someone who is attracted to challenges and changes and I am in need of stabilizing my situation so that things can flow in a more positive path for me on my love relationship. One of the recommendations she gave was that no matter what I am doing now in my career, I should continue and it does not matter whether it’s freelance or a full-time corporate job as long as I do not change my path.

True enough, after my contract full-time job ended, I switched back to becoming a freelancer and my then girlfriend whom I intended to propose to, broke up with me. She also told me that when I first switched from freelancing to a full-time corporate job she had wanted to leave me then and it is not about freelancing that worries her but about me switching my plans.”
– Keane –

“I got my Bazi analysed by Ms Lim and she was spot on with my personality and relationships with those around me. She even advised and guide me on what and how I can improve and enhance my life and become a better person, so that I can avoid and prevent problems and unhappiness.”
– Ken –

“I got Ms Lim to analyse my Career luck based on my Bazi and she had accurately analysed my personality, and the relationships with my co-workers including my management. She has also advised and guide me on what I can do and how I can gain career success and at the same time, improve my life fortune.”
– Candy Koh –

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