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Kundalini Reiki (Millennium)


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Kundalini Reiki is a powerful and unique form of Reiki healing technique originated from Ascended Master Kuthumi. It can help you gain much greater benefits from various forms of Energy/Healing work and assists in your spiritual evolution towards enlightenment.

The energy from Kundalini Reiki Millennium is more powerful than the previous versions and can be passed on within 1 attunement instead of the 3 levels of the older versions. It is up to you to decide if there is a need for you to upgrade to the newer energy, if you have been attuned to Kundalini Reiki before.

This course is a customised version, with content expanded from the original Kundalini Reiki Millennium course. You will receive:

  • A FREE ‘Live’ online Spiritual Healing session from me (happen 1 week before actual training session)
  • Kundalini Reiki Millennium attunement
  • Additional Reiki attunements: Balance, Diamond, Crystalline, DNA, Birth Trauma, Location Reiki and Past Life Reiki
  • A certification of completion of course

Upon completion of course, you will be able to:

  • Learn to identify and remove negative energies in yourself that are causing problems in your health and life.
  • Learn to fill yourself with highly positive Universal energy that can attract positive situations and people into your life.
  • Learn to heal complex emotional and mental issues
  • Teach and guide others in the works of Energy Healing and all the above mentioned.
  • Teach and attune others to receive the Kundalini Reiki Millennium system.
  • Heal complex health and life issues with the additional powerful Kundalini Reiki methods: Diamond, Crystalline, DNA, Birth Trauma, Location, and Past Life.
  • Provide hands-on and distance healing to heal yourself and others, including all other living things, no matter where they are.
  • Perform Space Clearing/Cleansing, to remove negative energies in an environment.
  • Heal Karmic Bands, to improve any relationships of yours or others.
  • Heal a Situation, to increase chances of positive outcome and success of a desired situation.
  • Heal a Quality, to improve character traits, eg. Anger issue, impatience, lack of confidence, etc.

Course Duration: about 4 hours (depending on the energy flow of the session)

This is a 1-1 ‘Live’ online session.

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Clients Testimonials

I have already taken the first level of Kundalini Reiki course with Kelly. After Kelly upgraded the Kundalini Reiki course to the Millennium version, I did not hesitate to sign up for the course again!

I started with Kelly’s first video on YouTube. She was like a beacon on my spiritual path that light up the dark sky for me!

I have actually experienced Kelly’s Channelled Reading, Spiritual Healing, and her carefully designed courses! and have received many gifts from the universe through the journey with her! Until now, words cannot describe the many feelings I have.

Kelly has always been the same, and her classes are like a close friend sharing information with you! She is also very attentive and patient. I really like the way she teaches. She leads me gently and patiently!

The course of “Kundalini Reiki Millennium Edition” is really interesting and exciting (Kelly’s other courses too!) I also have a deeper understanding of Kundalini. Kundalini is a powerful tool that can be easily operated! When the course ended, I used it to heal myself. I was completely at ease, because Kelly has already patiently guided me on what to do during the course! All we have to do later is to completely trust ourselves! I felt the energy in the process of healing myself, and even saw some visions and understood some things!

Kelly will also give a detailed handout at the end of the course, which can be reviewed at any time! If you have a question, you can also ask Kelly politely, she will answer it patiently for you! Of course, we also need to practice continuously in this process!

If you see these words of mine, know that nothing is a coincident! The universe has brought you here. May you take the first step bravely! You will find yourself! You will experience the kind of feeling I said! That really can’t be expressed in more words! I am one who needs a completely real experience and real feelings to be able to truly share!

Thank you Kelly for her love and patient guidance. I am really grateful for this fate!

I hope more people can experience these beautiful and moving things!

– Wawa –

Before I took up the Millennium Edition of Kundalini Reiki, I already learned the first edition of Kundalini Reiki from Kelly. After learning the first edition, I performed self-healing as I learned from Kelly, and even helped relatives and friends.

Later, on the first day I made a wish to the universe, I immediately received a message. Immediately after I went to sleep, my mind entered a very vague and strange state, but gave me very clear guidance. I have never had this kind of experience. I feel that although this is not the first time I have received a message, this is the first time I receive such a “special” and clear guidance. The guidance was leading me to continue learning. I know that it is time for me to take the next course with Kelly.

Kelly has always led us kindly, and always give us some suggestions in the process. I always knew that this is the way I should go. I am very grateful to the universe and thank Kelly. After studying for a while, according to Kelly ’s instructions, I carried out a series of healing sessions for myself. During this time, I was feeling very good mentally and physically. I often feel so energetic that I do not feel sleepy at night. Now I continue to carry on, and I am full of hope for myself. As what Kelly mentioned, things changed quickly, and I was promoted, and lived a busy and fulfilling life, although I did not embark on the spiritual path for external fame and fortune, I know these are for the better of the future, I have to go through this experience, I walk in this path, happy and beautiful.
Thanks Universe, thanks Kelly.
Bless everyone.
– Jane –

First of all, I would like to thank fate for bringing me here. In fact, more than a year before I took this course, I asked Kelly to do a reading for me. The message at the time shook me and many things happened one after another after that, and took me step by step towards the path of learning Spiritual lessons. Kelly is a gentle person. She will tell us what she knows and share as much as possible. Any questions can be asked at any time. She is very responsible and patient. I think things always happen for a reason. When I tried to be my true self in life, the fear seems like a fog that makes people feel overwhelmed. A little trust and a little courage is like a lighted candle, the flame is within, the more trust you give to your intuition, the greater the trust and courage become, these are not empty words, it is my real experience. I am very grateful to those who have the fate to see my feedback, and if these words touch your heart, come take on this lesson, and with a little courage and trust, you will see the magical miracles waiting to be discovered in your adventures!
– Han –

This is not the first time I took up a course with Kelly. In fact, my heart has been nudging me to take this class after Spiritual Mentorship Program. In her class, Kelly let me feel safe and comfortable as usual. The next day after I finished the class, as mentioned by Kelly I had burped the whole day. And I can still practice as much as I can now.
As Kelly said, the environment we are in is still inflicted with negative energy and especially for those of us who are sensitive are more susceptible. And for many of us, this time is a relatively dark night. Kelly is a good guide and will remind us again and again what I think seems very basic, but it’s really important and easy to overlook. For example, we may not particularly represent our superiority, etc. I am very grateful to her and thank my spirit team.

– Jane –

I want to learn spiritual lessons, but I have some fears (such as not knowing how to use mobile video and other factors). But still muster up my courage to sign up and take it step by step to resolve my fear. I finally got my class today. If you don’t understand the class, you can ask questions at any time. After finishing the class, I felt that the teacher was very serious in teaching and I learned a lot. And the whole mood is relaxed and very pleasant. Grateful to the Universe, teacher, guardian angel, to let me meet Kelly. Thank you~
– Hu Liling –

As usual, I have gained a lot after completing the course of Kelly’s “Kundalini Reiki”. I was interested in “Kundalini” before Kelly started offering this course…. and when I found out that Kelly has this course~ I took the first chance I have to register! Kelly is a very detailed and patient person, and she will listen to my questions from time to time during the course, and take the trouble to answer each and every one of them. I really benefit a lot again. There is about 30 minutes of time used for attunement. In the process, I felt completely safe and relieved~ After all, I knew Kelly for a while…. I knew Kelly back at the beginning when I was experiencing the “dark night of the soul.” I didn’t know at the time that “I am on the road to awakening.” Looking back at that road~ I am very grateful that Kelly guided me during the dark night of my soul… Led me step by step to “recover my soul” several times through channeled guidance and spiritual healing, I also went through the Spiritual Mentorship Program with her. When the final lesson of the Spiritual Mentorship Program is to connect with the Holy Spirit, the feeling is “unspeakable.” Because I have known Kelly for a while, she has always been the same. So I will always go back and look for Kelly for any course she has that I am interested in. It is also because this road’s is of true feelings ~ that I will fully trust Kelly. No matter whether it is healing or a course, when with her, she will not let me have the pressure that I am facing a so-called “teacher”… I don’t see “any status label” on her. She also showed me what “the more capable one is, the more humble one has to be.” is like. If any of you see these words, please believe, perhaps you are guided by the angels and the Universe… to see these words, because I believe that everything has a reason, everything is the best arrangement⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ If you have always been interested in this aspect of Spirituality, and you felt you have no way out, or have been afraid. Don’t be afraid, as those, I too have experienced. Please give yourself a chance! Whether it is healing or channeled guidance! Spiritual healing service~ or a course ~ Kelly will patiently answer all your doubts. And maybe it’s a chance for you to find yourself back… Recalling the reason for returning to this earth in this life,” I wish you all the best! Also wish Kelly 💕 Kelly is like an old friend whom I have known for a long time~ Although we are not with each other physically, I can feel the care and blessing of each other⋯⋯❤️❤️❤️
– Wawa –

It’s great experience for my first Reiki course. I am an amateur student in Reiki or spiritual world in any form. Kelly is very patient and use easy understand example to explain the concept to me.
Practice at the end of the session is also helpful. It lets me realize action is also important. I am happy my first lesson is taking with Kelly.

– Vicky –

The class was phenomenal and well-designed. And Kelly is a loving and inspiring teacher.
Thank you for guiding me in discovering a world I never knew existed! The course is comprehensive, yet easy to understand. But nothing beats the experience of getting attunement. It is incredibly uplifting.
Thank you Kelly for your unconditional love and support.
You’ve inspired me to be a better person.

Kundalini Reiki is no doubt one of the simplest form of healing and self-discovery that I came across in my path of spiritual evolution. And with Kelly, I know that i’m in good hands. She speaks with integrity and teaches with gracious love. She reminded me to honour my very own soul’s journey which I’d have otherwise been long forgotten.

So to all beautiful souls out there who have been struggling to justify your existence, please have faith in taking the first step to enrol in any of her courses. Eventually you’ll come to understand that
“Life is not short, it is just finite. And actions.”
– Lena –

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