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Know Yourself Love Yourself Self-Study


You are here because of a reason. Take time to listen to your heart. Love yourself, invest in yourself, because you are worth it.

This is a self-study course on understanding and loving yourself, you will be receiving:

  • 1 PDF workbook
  • 1 FREE Reiki Healing Session (I will email you before I start sending Reiki)
  • 1 certificate of completion of course (You will receive in 1 to 3 working days after date of purchase)

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • To see the truth behind human’s behaviours and words
  • How to identify people who are lack of self-love
  • To understand the true you
  • To know what you truly want in life
  • How to Love yourself positively
  • How to guide others to understand themselves
  • How to guide others to Love themselves
  • How to manifest your desires into your physical world

Read about what our customers have to say about this e-book below.


Customers’ Reviews

The examples raised are so realistic, as they resonate with me. I never thought how lack of self love can be so damaging to myself and those around me. I gained new perspectives from this book and now understand why the people around me are behaving the way they are. I am working through the forgiveness, and though I can’t say I don’t get angry but now the anger comes with compassion too. If you know what I mean. Thank you so much for writing this book! I love you.

In the age where people increasingly build their self-worth upon external factors like accumulating items, status or likes on social media, this book by Kelly comes in an impeccable timing. Indeed, you can feel that Kelly was called to channelling the wisdom from her Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. Of all the messages we receive in our lives, nothing matters more than the messages we say to ourselves. I’m sure some of us have become jaded and cringed hearing this “Love yourself first before loving others” quote like a broken record. Cliché as it is, but a good self-esteem is a prerequisite for a healthy, happy relationship, especially when we are attracting soulmates or a twin flame. These relationships will not only be intense, but they will also do even more mirroring to reflect the relationship we have with ourselves. Therefore, without sufficient self-love, we will be incapable to accept and love them wholeheartedly. Kelly uses many interesting stories to illustrate different emotions we will face in our journey of self-love. At first, we may see these feelings as “good” or “bad”. As we develop more compassion, we will come to understand that there is nothing bad about emotions. They only exist to bring a message for us to move us closer to our higher selves. If you can only read one chapter of the book, please go to page 61 of “Signs of lack of self-love” and ask ourselves honestly where these traits have appeared in our lives. The first key to self-love is self-awareness. Ultimately, this book is teaching us to face our shadow selves, to forgive, surrender and transform them into gratitude. This will create abundance and at this stage, manifestation will happen. With Kelly, it is possible to meet the love of your life, and it starts with YOU!
Qiuling Low

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