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I Ching Divination


*Price displayed is in Singapore Dollars (SGD $).

This is an Email only service. You can ask any ONE question that you needed answer to and you will receive your answer within the next 24 hours.

Read below for more information.

*This consultation is by Huo Shen Ming (Fang QingXiong).

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Receive answers and insights to your immediate question.

Many times we may meet with some hurdles and difficult choices in our life. Using I Ching divination, we can foresee circumstances or events that may happen to analyse and help you see a clearer path to avoid pitfalls and wrong turns.

You can ask us a question and we will assist you at our best.

The questions can be as direct as below:

If I may negotiate a pay raise with my boss this month?

My house has been on sale and when do you think it can be sold?

Can I pass my interview?

Will I be able to mend my relationship with that person?

If I may setup a business with my friend successfully?

Or you can provide us with a longer question, not exceeding 100 words.

Note: We provide advice, guidance or suggestions, but the decision lies upon you. We believe that if you don’t make adjustments within and expect others to change for you, even God cannot help you. Know that you cannot and have no rights to control others.

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