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Feng Shui

*Price will be charged in Singapore Dollars (SGD $).

Our Feng Shui audit takes around 3 – 4 hours depending on the space and complexity.

NO annual audit required
NO Hacking of Walls
NO purchase of auspicious good luck items required

This is only available in Singapore

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Find out what your current home or the new house you have just chosen, reveals about you and your family, whether you have moved in or not. Let us decode for you and guide you to how you can adjust your environment Feng Shui to balance and enhance your life.

How are we different from others?
There is no need to hack any walls, no need to purchase any lucky auspicious items, and no need for any annual audit.

We will guide you to balance your inner self as well as your external environment to achieve your fullest potential in life.

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