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*Price displayed is in Singapore Dollars (SGD $).

Our Feng Shui audit includes personal consultation, and will take around 3 – 4 hours on-site depending on the space and complexity.

NO annual audit required
NO Hacking of Walls
NO purchase of auspicious good luck items required

This service is only available in Singapore

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Feng Shui audit can help you to adjust your environment to your favour, to strengthen your weaknesses in order to gain balance in life.

As you already know, your personality, your likes and dislikes determine your choices, and your choices will affect your luck. This includes the clothes you wear, the colours you like, the positions that you place certain items, the directions you take in life, and even the property that you choose, be it residential or for business. Thus, your choices, actions, directions, including words of choice, will always reflect your personality, likes and dislikes.

Whether you are the one who made this choice, know that whatever that comes to you, are attracted to you by you, and reflected outside of you. This is the Law of Universe, the Law of Attraction. Because this is the Law of Attraction, the environment can not only reveal a person’s information but, everyone who stays in it, whether they are the ones who made the choice or whether they are the owners.

Know that your likes and dislikes will change, as you grow and progress in life. You may or may not be aware of the influences that are affecting your choices, depending on how well you know and understand yourself.

How are we different from others?

We will help you to adjust your environment, and this will in turn, influence and affect your luck, as how you affect your environment. This is a reverse work of influence, working with the flow of the Universe. Know that to keep this change, you need commitment and determination.

We know that a lot of times, after a Feng Shui audit, if the owners are not committed to enhancing their lives, they will start placing items around the house that bring them back to the life before. As such, our Feng Shui audit includes personal consultation to help you to understand the Law of Attraction, and how you can commit and keep yourself in check.

There is no need to hack any walls, no need to purchase any lucky auspicious items, and no need for any annual audit.

We will guide you to balance your inner self as well as your external environment to achieve your fullest potential in life.

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“I have heard about the wonderful works of The Healing Xanadu from my friends, and decided to try the Feng Shui service. Like what the others are saying, this Feng Shui service, unlike any others that I have engaged before, was not just a service but a class to learn about how the Universe works and how everything actually starts from us, ourselves. We are the ones affecting our environment, and this Feng Shui work can help us to make conscious changes in our lives. Master Fang was very patient in explaining what the signs in our environment are sharing about us, and this is the first time I see a Feng Shui Master willing to share secrets of their works. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.”
Carrie (Feng Shui)

“My friend introduced The Healing Xanadu to me, and I was impressed with how accurate their readings are, right to the details and even predicted how I can get my deals closed by taking certain actions. This made me go for the Feng Shui service, and what amazed me again was just a simple adjustment of a furniture can remove a pain that I was experiencing for some time, that I did not even mention. Although, Master Fang did explain to me how this works, I still think this is a work of miracle. Through the consultation with Master Fang, I have learnt how the Universe works, and understand how everything starts from within me. This Feng Shui service, unlike any other, is also a lesson to learn about the wonderful work of Universe and Life. I have gained simple knowledge to apply Feng Shui for myself too.”
Edmund (Feng Shui)

“I got to know TheHealingXanadu from YouTube and found that they do Feng Shui audit too. As I have heard from friends that Feng Shui can help with my child’s studies, I decided to engage Master Fang for help with my House Feng Shui. Master Fang not only adjusted my house’s Feng Shui, he also advised us on how we can better communicate and build relationship with my child. After we adjusted the Feng Shui of my place, my child now spend longer time at his study desk and he found new interests in his studies. He even starts to take time to chat with us now. Thank you Master Fang!”
Lixin (Feng Shui)

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