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Energy Healing


This is a remote session, I do not have to be in the same space as you are, to perform this Energy Healing. For this distance healing, please specify the issues you have in the order notes when you make a purchase on this service. For example: “Anger issues, impatience, relationship with a specific person, shyness, low self-esteem, birth trauma, discomfort, specific fear, etc…”

I will inform you of the date and time of the healing, you do not have to prepare or do anything during the specified date and time I have allocated for you. However, to experience the maximum effect of healing, it is recommended that you rest or meditate during the allocated time slot. The session usually lasts for an hour. There will be no videos or notes provided for this service.

The difference between this service VS Reiki Healing VS Spiritual Healing is that for this service, there is only one type of energy healing method targeted at a specific issue. Reiki Healing is a type of Energy Healing, and for our Reiki Healing service, a standard Reiki energy is being directed by the Universe and your higher self to where you need healing most. For Spiritual Healing, various energy healing methods can be used in 1 session, including a video with information of the healing and wisdom guidance of unconditional Love from the Divine team for overall well-being.

For an in-depth overall well-being Spiritual Healing, please refer to our Spiritual Healing service.

*This is not a replacement of any medical or mental treatments.

Duration: 1 hour

Note: While it is useful to be able to sense energy, it is not absolutely necessary. Energy will still be working its magic and will still support you on all the different levels (emotional/psychological/physical and spiritually.) Just because you did not ‘feel’ anything does not mean the Energy healing is not working.

The terms “Reiki Healing”, “Energy Healing”, “Spiritual Healing” used on this website are names we assign to our services and do not represent all the services that you see on other places with same name are of the same.

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