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Channeled Guidance


*Price displayed is in Singapore Dollars (SGD $).

This is not a Prediction or Fortune Telling service.
*If you are interested in a Divination service, you are welcome to check out our I Ching Divination service, and make appointment with our I Ching Master, Fang Qing Xiong*.

For this service, there are no limits to the number of questions you have. I will connect with your Divine team of Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels, to receive and share with you the gifts of wisdom they bring for you. Often these messages help you to understand the important lessons in your life and what you need to heal, in the moment of NOW, to progress and move forward. Your Divine team has an expansive view of you and your life, they know and understand the true you, and they love you unconditionally. The messages from them are of Divine truth, and are for your highest and greatest good.

Your message will come in a video format where I will upload it onto my YouTube Channel. The video will be private and only you will have access to the video.

The video will consist of 2 parts:
1) Love letter from your Spirit Guardians.
2) Messages directed at your questions. (if, any) through Tarot and Oracle cards.

Note: This is NOT a prediction or Fortune telling service. I am not a fortune teller nor am I a prediction divination reader. I am a channeller and a healer. I do not tell you what your future holds, as I believe you can co-create your destiny. I will help you receive guidance and messages of love and compassion, from the place of truth to help you create a future you want, and get aligned with your best and highest path. I will help point you to the direction to finding answers yourself as I am not here to take away your rights and do your “homework” for you.

*Read what our clients have to say after receiving their personal reading from us below.*

Duration: around 20mins (varies slightly depending on the message received)

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Clients Testimonials


Thank you Teacher Kelly, you were spot on about the fear in my heart, and thank you and, my angels and spirit guides for the encouragement. Your patience in explaining the details made me laugh and cry while listening. What makes me amazed is that you do not need my full name and birth date to be able to express my inner condition so accurately and vividly! It also made me more certain that I would want to enroll in the Kundalini Reiki course with you.
– Conny –

“I found Kelly on YouTube and her readings resonate with me. I love her energy and made the decision to go to her for personal reading. The messages Kelly channeled are straight to my heart, I cried the moment she started out on my reading. Everything she said is so on point. I followed her advice and managed to find peace within, and I have been happy since, of which I have not been for quite some time before I seek Kelly’s help. Thank you very much for appearing in my life.”
– Ooi ShiShi –

“I encountered Kelly by coincidence (synchronicity) online, and I followed my intuition to watch some of her videos on Youtube and found myself resonate with her pick a card (daily divinations) readings very much. Then I asked for a reading. She channeled through my spirit team and provided some invaluable information that I really needed to hear at that time and helped me gain a lot of comfort and confirmation on where I was in life. I also gained a lot of clarity on my inquiry of relationships as well. This is the second time I purchased a reading from Kelly, and since the first time in Easter, lots have changed and happened. I am in this last stage of spiritual awakening and going through a lot of healing. I had a strong intuition but sometimes I didn’t trust myself that much. I was so glad to see that the messages Kelly brought to me from my angels and guides confirmed my intuition and give me some confidence for where I am and what I should do. And I was also very grateful that the reading was almost done within 12 hours (I was amazed at such efficiency!) so that I was able to hear the messages when I needed them the most. Thank you so much Kelly!”

– Siqi –

“I have been interested in metaphysical stuff as a kid, and I have a habit to seek different masters to read for me on a yearly basis, whether they use tarot cards, crystals, western astrology or even Bazi. However in the recent years, I stopped finding masters in Singapore and went to overseas masters instead as I didn’t like their energies. The best way I can describe their energies is I felt heavy and judged, and strangely after the session, I felt even more anxious. We usually go to spiritual healers because we are seeking a resolution, not being stressed even more after the session. I was told by one of my teachers from Taiwan to “go back to my roots”, by finding a healer in Singapore to enrich my spiritual journey. And this is how I met Kelly, accidentally stumbled across her on her Chinese YouTube channel as a random recommendation by YouTube. I found her accent very close to home, so I ended up digging more and when I saw her English channel, I know I need to seek her out. I must say Kelly has always give me a sense of home since day one.

We say in Chinese “一分钱一分货”. In English, it means you get what you pay for. It may be tempting to simply watch her free contents, or to seek other healers who may be offering a more affordable pri than hers but please check out her servicse like “Channelled Reading” or “Spiritual Healing”. Kelly’s strength lies in channelling with her and your Guardian Angels to deliver the messages. This is the reason why Kelly is so nurturing and yet she speaks with a lot of clarity. It’s important to hear the truth in our spiritual journey, so we can be the better version of ourselves and in return, making the world a better place. I am grateful to find Kelly and looking forward to our next reading.”

– Qiuling –

“I’ve been heard about psychic and spiritual healing but never physically involved in it by myself until I watched Kelly’s Youtube channel. Being said that, I do meet a few people who are actually doing spiritual healing so I believe in it, but I didn’t get a chance or a timing to start doing it. Besides, I am very into meditation. That’s why Kelly’s channel catched my eyes, and I can feel that Kelly is trustworthy just by watching her videos, so I decided to send her an email and ask her to do the readings for me as I was so confused about something in my personal life. I was shocked and surprised by her work, we’ve never seen each other before but just by giving some information she can read a lot for me. Kelly is very patient and she answered my questions with adequate details. I am so impressed! Thank you so much, Kelly! I think I will come back to you again in the near future if I face some difficulties in my life or if my family or my friends need some help, I will definitely guide them to you.”

– C.Chu –

“The readings have been extraordinary. They have provided me guidance and reflections on what my life have been and what adjustments I should be making to possibly be a better person. Understand myself and others, and be genuine.
Thank you. Kelly.”

– Winston –

“I am truly grateful for this reading. It surprises me and resonates
with my current situation a lot. I like your energy and all the cards
you pulled and information you channelled for me.”

– Shu –

“Thank you for the message from the Archangels and the reading. They are all spot on and I have to keep watching the video. I can feel your warmth and sincerity in wanting to help. I am grateful. Much blessings to you too.”

– Wendy –

“I cried while listening to the messages. I am grateful for your existence. I love your energy, you are so full of love and compassion. Thank you for helping me with the messages. They are so true.”

– Molly –

“I am so grateful for the reading. It resonates with my situation and you are so on point. I love your energy and the guidance you have channeled for me.”

– Sandy –

“Thank you so much for the channeled guidance. I felt a loving energy and have more confident to make a major decision in my life. I am now feeling so excited and looking forward to what is coming next.”

– Zuri –

“Thank you for the beautiful message from my grandmother. I was in a depressing period and this message comes so timely. Love.”

– Mariko –

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