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Prediction for Year of Pig 2019

Prediction for Year of Pig 2019

Time flies and we are into the end of the year 2018. I believe when the new year begins, you will see boards erected around that indicate the luck of each Chinese zodiacs. Year 2018 is the year of Dog, and it also coincides with the heavenly sign “Wu”, which represents Earth among the five elements in Chinese metaphysics. With the Earth sign, it favours industries such like real estates and finance. So this year 2018 we saw great performances from these markets. Take Singapore as example. The government agency, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) latest data showed that property price index has risen to 149.7 at 3rd Quarter. Likewise for Malaysia’s. Let us shift our focus to the northern region of Asia, starting with Hong Kong which has one of the most expensive housing. According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), Hong Kong properties have risen for more than 10 percent over the past four quarters, as well as the data on Taiwan. Regarding world economy, it expanded by 3.1 percent as the website indicated.

So back to the nostalgia year of 2018 which we are seeing it ending very soon, I used to say it is very earthy, in Chinese it refers to being old-fashion, vintage or retro. Did you notice during the beginning of the year 2018, you probably came across the “retro ness”. It could be hairstyle and/or clothings. I remember I mentioned this to one of my friend and she actually said to me that she totally agreed with me as she came across in hair salon (you know girls). Then another friend sent us a picture of a Chinese New Year packaging for the drinks that was in the 80s. Some programs shown, the theme was also mimicking the 80s. If you are a concert goers, you probably also noticed many old time singers staging concerts. With the earthy year, we also have heard numerous news on earthquakes happening. Earthquake tells us the earth crust shifting unnoticeable and this tells us that the year 2018 somehow people are feeling sloppy/ sluggish too. You may notice the attitudes of colleagues or friends around you though not all are.

Moving on to year 2019, it is represented by soil and lake water, but both are yin base. So let me do some predictions here for you. Well, the year is arriving and some of us could feel its energy. Especially for people who are born in year of Pig. Because it is their year, they are sensitive towards their own energy. Some of the “Pig friends” could be doing or planning of something this year already. They may be deciding to do something which is different to what they usually be doing and probably regretting it later. Or perhaps they have already planned to but they would take a detour or U-turn decision, either now or in 2019. So for people who are born in year of Pig, my advise for you is to always seek third or fourth opinion before deciding. It is best from people who are born in year of Rabbit and Tiger.

The last “Ji and Hai” was year 1959. At that time industrialisation and fast growth had seen resources being depleted fast and those lead to global warming. But after realising the damaged done to the earth and our ozone layer, we saw countries and companies reducing CO2, in recent years, we are seeing broken ozone layer recovering. So my prediction to the weather, we are into cooler year in 2019 compared to 2018. And because 2019 is yin year and water-based (soil is wet + lake water), we will be expecting more rains for tropical regions (more cases of landslides) and heavy snow for regions nearer to the northern hemisphere. Well it could spell trouble with heavy rainfalls and heavy snow. So people who are in the lower sea-level, it is wiser to be prepared for heavy floods. And people who planned for winter holidays, do get yourself prepared for flight delays and cancelling of activities due to blizzards or snow storms.

My prediction for the economy will be a booming one. Well there is a sign of it as we know the two leaders are talking. And remember Trump administration wants to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act? While Trump has already rolled back quite number of bank rules within Dodd-Frank Act. Once the full repeal is done, we will see financial activities shoot up and that engine will take the economy to greater heights. Subsequently we will see housing values and land values moving upwards, especially during the second half of the year. If you are thinking of investing properties, you may want to consider doing it before the jump comes in. If you waited till the jump to consider, I would suggest you to be very careful cos’ we may start seeing signs of economy downturn at the western countries nearer to the end of 2019.

We shall also see industries like electronics, logistic, transport, airlines, technology and data to be thriving. We could see both retail and F&B industries going much into digital and using technology to rekindle the businesses. We are also be expecting new technology like 5G network to start as early as in the second half of year 2019.  In the advertising industry, we know that traditional media such like newspapers and magazines are in their lows, but year 2019 will be a year that we see quite significant of companies finally gave up the prints and go fully digital. Take for example we see how Malay Mail, a long history newspaper company ditches its print and go fully digital.

Year 2019 is also a year of movement. Be it in Human Resources where we shall see employees changing companies with improved remunerations and reallocating departments within companies as the companies restructuring and expansion. So this will be a good remuneration year for the recruiters. We will also be expecting frequent travelling done due to work or holidays. Movement also refers to logistic where we will be expecting industries like transport and shipping to lead. But do pay attention not to go on credit terms for too long. I understand many companies have credit terms like 30 days to 90 days, some even more depending on the business relationship between the two companies. And I would advise that you follow the credit terms strictly and when it is time to collect, you MUST not let it roll on. Once you had it accumulated, that is the time you need to start worrying.

I wouldn’t want to go into prediction for oil, forex and gold as these are mainly determined by supply/ demand from companies, institutions and countries. Take for example oil. When the oil price falls too low, oil producing countries could limit the supply thus, stabilising the prices. What I could predict is that, if the economy goes into hyper mode, it will push up the demands. Like for oil, also all industries require oil, be it transport, airlines, and shipping. And when people has the access resources, they will start to invest in assets or financial products such like gold and stocks. Agree?

Lastly before I finish this article, let me predict that 2019, people will be busier and feel hype. They will be more opened-minded compared to 2018. So if you have new ideas or projects that were being rejected in year 2018, be sure to bring it out again in 2019 (the actual year starts on 4th Feb), and you will expect different result. For people who are thinking to start new business, this is also a good year to do so with higher success rate.

Have a great year ahead!

PS: The prediction in this article is for reference only. The Healing Xanadu will not be responsible for any investments that you have done. You will still need to seek advice from financial specialists or experts for your own investment purposes.


He is born with claircognizance and divination abilities. He enjoys helping people with the wisdom and knowledge that he has accumulated from his many lifetimes. He is a certified practitioner in I Ching Feng Shui, Bazi, Divination, Psychic and entity attack defense.

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