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My New Book: Know Yourself, Love Yourself

e-book know yourself love yourself

My New Book: Know Yourself, Love Yourself

I am so excited to finally share with you my very first book on Self-Love.

I had spent time thinking, worrying, stressing, and even feeling overwhelmed at times while “birthing” this book. I was researching and looking for publishers, editors, and even designers for my book. I have times again wondering if I should just give up the book but, I know Universe gave me the inspiration and wisdom to share not to hide.

Then one day, I received messages to ask me to remember to breathe, to rest and take a break. I realised I was again after perfectionism. As I was thinking of repackaging this book into a course workbook for my program, I received another message to have patience, and that there is something better.

So again, I waited, and wait and wait, until I receive another message to go ahead and launch my book as an E-book, as a self-published e-book. Until I receive the clear message that, hey, we are not after perfectionism, we want to share this information of love, not to let it lead me into losing this self-love that I so wanted to share. We gotta practice what we preach don’t we? 😉

I spent a lot of time re-writing and rephrasing trying to use simple words, in my understanding and context, only because I want more people to receive more detailed information, and not only the abstract idea. I gave many examples that may happen in real life, only in hope that whoever read this book can understand and identify.

Can the book be better? Yes, of course it can! But we will be forever waiting and waiting, for there will never be a perfect timing and we will never be satisfied enough for our “babies” to go out.

My spirit team made me see the many times I have let myself down, and even got hurt when I did not trust in my intuition. And I know this time, they mean it for me to go out with whatever I have and stop procrastinating, and finding excuses for myself.

They made me see that this is the fear of being judged, this is my low self-esteem at work. And they laughed at me, yes they do that, but out of love for me. They reminded me of the content I have in my book by making me going through it again and again, moving and shifting the layout at the same time.

So long story short, I listened and trust, and I feel happy. That’s what you will feel when you listen to your intuition and your Angels.

Head over now to support my new project, “E-Book: Know Yourself, Love Yourself“.

If you are interested, you may also want to check out my Know Yourself, Love Yourself program, where you will be receiving this e-book for free, and you will have me as your personal healer and reader, to help you work towards positive self-love for 28 days.

So what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards positive self love, invest in yourself today. Because you are worth it!

Thank you and I love you.


Kelly enjoys writing and creating content to share love and wisdom knowledge she receives and experiences. She enjoys doing what she do best in many of her lifetimes, connecting with beings from the higher realms and sharing the loving guidance and healing energies she receives, to help those who come to her to balance their energies, clear their doubts and empower them with inspirational wisdom.

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Regan DevereauxPosted on3:55 pm - Aug 27, 2018

Oh how overjoyed I am, for only minutes ago, I learnt of your new book! From my very first time viewing, a reading on & subscribed to, your YouTube channel, I’ve been amazed by the supernatural synchronicities combined with the beauty and kindness with which you share your wisdom, practical advice & uplifting encouragement! The purity of both your heart and your intentions can be felt in all of your videos.
Just when I think I couldn’t possibly have any more respect, admiration, gratitude for your than I already do…., you write a desperately needed book! By the time we become adults, I, like millions of people worldwide, have little or no love for themselves. One would imagine that so prevalent a problem should have been solved long ago. Alas, the problem has only grown worse even as its reach increases.
For all these reasons and many more, I cannot be happier nor more eager to read your new book, as soon as possible! Thank you.
Peace and Blessings,
Regan Devereaux

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