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History will always repeat itself

history will always repeat itself

History will always repeat itself

Why History will always repeat itself? Because Life is not a straight line, but a spiral. You will always come back to the same but yet still different. You will discover deeper meanings into things that you thought you already understood. And this is because, Life is about helping you to realise how strong you always are, and how much stronger you have and will become.

Know that the Universe will never give you anything you cannot handle. Trust and have faith in yourself. You can and have the ability to overcome the challenges, and as you were being reminded of the challenges, you will remember how strong you are and not allow yourself to fall back down. Realise you have come so far with all that you have gone through. You have achieved much and not achieved nothing like you may thought.

If you have been caught in uncomfortable situations, and observed the same cycle in your life. Know that until you realised what you are meant to learn from the lesson, can you be aware of the solution to break this cycle. But as you become aware and observed the same negative cycle that is going on in your life, this is the breaking point where you will begin to open up and receive the solution to break this cycle and stop this repeated history.

Have faith in yourself. Only YOU can break this cycle and only YOU can create your own world.


Ancient Wisdom Guiding Modern Lives.

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