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Feng Shui is able to realise health issue

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is able to realise health issue

Hi. Welcome to my article here. I would write articles to let you re-recognise about Feng Shui and to dispel any superstitious about Feng Shui, if any.

This case is about a client who just bought a new house and invited me to audit their house before they would approach any designer to start designing their house. So I walked around the outer side of the unit to analyse their environment. There is one sector that I came across that is closely related to their health. This area has got gym and recently the area, the developer erected a piece of art, a pole with birds. Everything happens for a reason and I pointed out the area reflects their health is not good. They mentioned they had been tired but recently came back and neck pain.

The unit is on ground floor so they have a balcony. My suggestion to them was to place some flower pots at the balcony area to enhance the sector that represents their health. They managed to place the flower pots even before the renovation since balcony does not require major overhaul, and they later feedback that they feel much better.

After they finally completed renovating the house, I resisted them to check if all is well as per what I have recommended in my report. During my revisit, they pointed out to me that the flowers withered since that week was cloudy with little sunlight. The information synchronises with their health. Again, their health was little bad during that period of time. Their health will resume back when the flowers bloom and I was right. But of course for longer term, they have to work on the area within themselves.

The Healing Xanadu applies both Yin and Yang of Feng Shui, which is not just by placing items, but also adjusting your inner Feng Shui to attain better effect and longer term resolution. That would be all for this article and I hope to share with you more again. If you are keen to find out more, please visit our services. Thank you.


Huo Shenming's real name is Fang Qing Xiong (Jackie). He is born with claircognizance and divination abilities. He enjoys helping people with the wisdom and knowledge that he has accumulated from his many lifetimes. He is a certified practitioner in I Ching Feng Shui, Bazi, Divination, Psychic and entity attack defense. The reason for using the nickname "Huo Shen Ming" is a constant reminder for him to work towards his goal of opening up everyone's higher-self to lead them to a better tomorrow. "Huo Shen Ming" has got number of meanings. [Huo] in mandarin is fire. With "fire", we can see through darkness. There will not be living things without "fire" and earth will be as good as a dead star without the Sun. [Shen] represents the spirit of the universe. In the Seven Chakras, the Crown Chakra is one few inches above our head that brings connection to the super-conscious mind and our higher self. This is similar to the Chinese saying "舉頭三尺有神明". [Ming] reminds us that everything in the universe has got Yin-Yang and they co-exist together. It reminds us to look at all things in Yin and Yang, similar to the laws of the Universe.

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