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Dragon 2018

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon 2018

If you have observed the drawings of the Chinese dragon, many are drawn in a horizontal “S” format. It says quite similar to the luck of the dragon. In 2017, you have a fabulous period where things are mainly smooth sailing. You could almost get what you want or things planned out the way they were. However, in 2018, with Taisui in your way, things would hit the block any time or for any reason, plans couldn’t go well from what you would expect them to be, even the most simple one. Execute what you need to before stepping into 2018.


Ask for promotions, bonus or pay adjustments before year 2018. You will have tough time doing so later. Be humble and lay low to recharge yourself. What you say may easily offend people. Be extra meticulous in what you do. You could even be making stupidest mistakes. If possible, seek help from your colleagues or seniors to go through your work (No “Dragons” please). Expect the best from yourself and lower your expectation of the outcomes. This way, you will make no mistake and have lesser disappointments later.


Stress, muscle aches, stomach problem such like indigestions, headaches or feeling tension around the head and shoulders, can be a common thing that you will come across in 2018. Some possible injuries can also occur if you are not careful. Stay alert but not being paranoid. Rest and relax whenever possible.


Your wallet may be tightened further this year. If you have saved for the rainy days during your high in 2017, those shall tight you over in 2018. If you have bonus or pay adjustment, be prepared for non-fruition or it may not turn out to be what you are expected. Watch what you spend without stressing yourself out, which you somehow will. For people who are into lottery, you may want to consider cutting down and save it for another time.


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