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Using ancient wisdom to enhance modern living

Hello everyone. It is again my time to talk about Feng Shui and Divination. Before that, I would like you to take notice the Chinese version of our website has been changed to traditional Chinese. For people residing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, they may be quite easy since they were already using traditional Chinese. But people residing in China and Singapore may not get used to it. Let me take this opportunity to encourage everyone to learn using traditional Chinese as I foresee the uniformity use of  traditional Chinese.

Now, let us talk about divination. Do you think that divination is superstitious? In the past whatever we see in Chinese zodiac signs, divination and feng shui, we just say they were all superstitious because the westerners said so, we follow. Nowadays if you have noticed more and more people from the west, they have tarrot card, oracle card readings and zodiac signs analysis. So you tell me who is really superstitious now? Our forefathers in the ancient civilisation were first to break the Universal codes and understood the laws of the Universe. Using these laws to educate and lead the mass. At the same time these codes can be used for divination and fengshui. Of course thousands of years down the road, there will be people taking these knowledge and blend them into religions. Likewise for the west too. This is a norm thing. It happens everywhere since we are all human beings. So don’t kid yourselves. For those who said others are being superstitious is because they are being superstitious themselves. They put others down so they could artificially raise themselves above others.

The reason to share these is to let everyone has a deeper understanding. We are now in a knowledge era. We should be smarter and our minds clearer. If you always tell people to keep an open-mind, you should walk the talk. The Universe is two ways, not just one way. Using this ancient wisdom, we hope to improve everyone’s livings. Our lives have improved due to technology, industrialisation and commercialisation. But our health is slowly going downhill. We overstrained our body with technology and lifestyles, we are feeling stress and all the frustration everyday and there we go, deepening ourselves into the vicious cycle. When we don’t treat ourselves as human beings, our bodies gradually fall apart. Stomach problems, cancer, anxiety disorder, insomnia and etc. Families breaking apart, couples quarrel and eventually went into divorce. Why do we want to do that to ourselves?

Many situations can be prevented if we are able to pick up the early signs or underlying problems by various method, one which is using fengshui to detect early signs such like injury if one of your neighbour has placed a hospital-liked bedding seeable at one of the direction of your home. This is a tell-tale sign that can be avoided.

Before I end this, let me iterate the Universe is alive. The birth of the stars till their death and then they rebirth from the size of an atom to a bright star again. A closer illustration that you could comprehend is the four seasons on earth. These are all science. There is nowhere any superstitious about it.

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Bazi Reading

About Bazi Reading

Whenever you talk about Bazi reading, you will always hear from someone you knew had theirs read before. Human beings are just as curious as a cat, especially when it is something about oneself. But many do not understand or most probably misunderstood the meaning of “reading their life (算命)”.

Most people who go to the temple for prayers will most likely, for whatever reasons, decide to sit down and let the Master at the temple to read into their lives. The Master will share how their lives will possibly be, what kind of person they are and probably more details into whether they will be rich after some years or when they grow old. If you are a little more technology savvy, you will also do research online and see how “good or bad” your life is going to be.

Now, ask yourself, how are these going to help you? So what if you know that you are going to be rich or that you will eventually still be poor? Are you not going to work hard and do anything to change? But you say, “Hey of course not! I am still going to work hard and life goes on as per normal”. Then my next question to you is, then why have your life read by others? You are doing it for fun, you added on. I expected them (the replies). So you just paid someone for something that you do not have any interests in or for a service that could leave you worrying or complacent for the rest of your life is worthwhile to you? This is not respecting money and not respecting the Master who spent his time and effort on trying to help you take charge of your destiny. Well, it just shows that you aren’t taking things seriously in life, just like the song, “hey Sara Sara, what will be, will be”.

If you don’t complain about things in life and happy-go-lucky, sure, you can live on with it, then it is good for you. BUT if you are one that always wonder why you are the way you are, let me suggest that you take your life seriously immediately. Yes, take action now.

Look from this perspective. When you talk to a financial planner, they will give you an analysis of how you should be planning for your savings or making investments for your retirement, right? In corporate, when you submit a report, you too, will need some analytics of the data presented. Make sense too? Doesn’t your life weighs more than money and job?

You should know your strengths and weaknesses, personality, how you react to your surroundings (family, friends, colleagues, bosses and etc), and how you see your things around you, so you can learn to take control of things that you can and enhance your life happiness.

At TheHealingXanadu, we believe in helping people to see themselves in a better way. We provide bazi analysis professionally; focusing the areas that people are able to make changes or adjustments, like working on your strengths and mitigate the weaknesses. Coupled with environmental Feng Shui audit for full 360 enhancements.


Develop psychic abilities starting with this

Learning how to develop psychic abilities is much easier than you think, and anyone can do it as long as they practice regularly. There are many ways to start and strengthen your abilities, be it clairaudience, clairvoyance, or clairsentience, and the foundation to starting out and will be included in your daily practice in the path of being a psychic, is MEDITATION.

Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness. It usually promotes relaxation and the ability to focus, building up internal energy within the individual. There are many types of practices in meditation, from sitting in silence, to chanting of mantras and movement mediation, Yoga. We will talk more about each types of meditation in another article.

The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful with clarity. To be able to achieve this state, we will be able to focus easily and thus, able to control our mind to strengthen our psychic abilities. A quiet and focused mind is the most powerful tool that we have as a human, it can re-create our world, attract what we want and manifest our desires into reality.

Usually we find it difficult to control our mind, it is like a machine that never rest, and whatever comes into the mind will affect our emotions and this will affect the things we attract into our lives. If we train in meditation systematically, eventually we will be able to eradicate from our mind the delusions that are the causes of all our problems and suffering. In this way, we will come to experience a permanent inner peace, known as “liberation” or “nirvana”.

Meditation proves that we can control our mind and emotions, which are the main tools that we use to create magic in our world.

psychic abilities

Common Types of Psychic Abilities

There are many types of psychic abilities and rarely are there any psychic who has all the available abilities. Each psychic has a different skill and they are all here for different reasons.

Find out more below on the more common types of psychic abilities that exist now in this world. Note that the below listed is not a complete list of psychic abilities.

The four most common psychic abilities:

  • Clairaudience
    The ability to hear voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear. They receive these messages mentally or within their ears.
  • Claircognizance
    The ability to acquire knowledge by means of intrinsic knowledge, as it just “comes to” the psychic’s mind.
  • Clairsentience
    The ability to acquire psychic knowledge by feeling. Psychics with this ability are able to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses.
  • Clairvoyance
    The ability to gain information about an object, person, location or situation through extrasensory perception.

Other more common psychic abilities

  • Clairgustance
    The ability to taste or perceive the essence of a substance without any contact.
  • Clairolfaction
    The ability to smell and differentiate spirits that normal people cannot.
  • Eidetic memory or photographic memory
    The ability to vividly recall images from memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for a brief time after exposure, without using a mnemonic device.
  • Astral projection or mental projection
    The ability to project voluntarily the astral (emotional body), usually termed as out-of-body experience, in which an astral body becomes separate from the physical body.
  • Aura reading
    The ability to perceive energy fields surrounding people, places and things.
  • Automatic writing
    The ability to write without conscious thought.
  • Energy healing
    The ability to heal and re-pattern the patient’s energy field and accelerate healing of the body, mind, and spirit. It is based on the belief that human beings are fields of energy that are in constant interaction with others and the environment.
  • Mediumship or channeling
    The ability to communicate with spirits.
  • Exorcism
    The ability to rid of evil entities.
  • Lucid dreaming or dream manipulation
    The ability to remain lucid during voluntary dreams and/or to control one’s dreams.
  • Divination
    The ability to gain insight into a situation with the use of signs and tools.
  • Psychometry or psychoscopy
    The ability to obtain information about a person or object, usually by touch.
  • Telesthesia
    The ability to see a distant and unseen target using extrasensory perception.
  • Retrocognition or postcognition
    The ability to perceive past events.
  • Scrying
    The ability to gain information through looking into a medium.
  • Telepathy
    The ability to transfer thoughts mentally to another person.
  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis
    The ability to manipulate objects without coming in contact.

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Fate – Feng Shui, Bazi and Heavenly / Divine Timing

Do you believe that you can control your fate by preparing yourself with adjustments of your environment through Feng Shui knowledge, and adjustments of your personality through understanding of your Bazi, for the heavenly divine timing of your gifts?

Find out how each of these factors can affect your life destiny, and how you can get ready to receive your abundance in life below.

Bazi – 人

(The date and time of your birth that determines your life’s story and personality)
Bazi is like a template that is already written for you when you were born. It is to help you understand your life’s story and an opportunity for you to take control of your life’s destiny. To be able to read your Bazi and understand your weaknesses and strengths, you are already on your road to success. Make good use of this opportunity given to you by Universe to learn your lessons and overcome the challenges, and start receiving the abundance that you deserve.

Feng Shui – 地

(The geographical information of your environment)
Everything happens for a reason. Every trees, every flowers, every grass and even weeds appear at a specific location, at a specific timing around you, signifies a part of your life’s story and this is synchronicity. These are messages and signs from the Universe to you. By understanding your surroundings and being able to read the signs, you can adjust them to promote positive flow of energies, and change your life’s story. Instead of turning a blind eye to the signs and rejecting Universe’s love and the gifts that are waiting for you. Open your arms and stretch out to receive, start acknowledging the messages from Universe, know that you are loved and protected, accept that you deserve to be warned of adversities and reach out to receive abundance.

Heavenly / Divine timing – 天 (Date and Time)

The Universe determines when and what should come to you. Once you have adjusted your Feng Shui and adjusted your thoughts and attitudes per your Bazi, you will find that what you desire will flow to you like an endless stream. Nothing is restricted by Time and Space, only you. There are no limits in life, you create your own limits.

Start sending out your desires and messages to the Universe by showing it you are ready to receive abundance, with adjustments of your Feng Shui, thoughts and attitudes.

Energy Healing Image for Peace and Tranquility

Energy for Peace and Tranquility

This image is infused with Unconditional Love Healing Energy for Peace and Tranquility for anyone who is open to receive. Just breathe, sit back and relax.

Free Healing for overall well being

Energy Healing Video – Heal as you watch

This video is used as a channel to transmit Energy healing to anyone who is open to receive.

During the process, it is normal if you experience any tingling sensations, vibrations, a little heat or cold, peace, less stress, or even feel sleepier, etc.

Even if you do not feel anything at all, the energy will still flow through you. This is what makes Energy healing magical. The energy will continue to flow for a few minutes to an hour or two after this video session.

We would love to receive your comments and feedback on this video.

This video is inspired by the work of Rest, Relaxation and Reiki and Abbey Normal

Observe behaviours and events around you

It is not what you did that is causing the events happening to and around you. It is that they are going to happen and the universe is trying to warn you through the signs and symbols around you which you may not be aware. This is synchronicity.

Below are 3 examples for your references:

True story I:
A friend wanted to place an item at the top of the bed at his head area. Immediately, we knew that he is having some issues with his head. True enough, he was having headaches of late due to some stress he is facing. He has unconsciously reflected a message sent by the universe and he is not aware. We advised him to shift the furniture away and now he is free from the headache that has been plaguing him for some time.

True story II:
Another friend placed a box of water in his bedroom thinking that water is “wealth” as he wants to gain more wealth. Due to the area that he placed his water, he ended up getting retrenched. The reason for him to place the water at the wrong place is because he is unconsciously reflecting a message sent by the universe and he is not aware.

True story III:
Mr Lim hung up some decorations on the wall during the festive season, and Mrs Lim thought it was grandmother who hung it up. This shows a message that the grandmother will have some incidents happening relating to her legs and joints in the near future. True enough, a week after, grandmother fell down and hurt her legs. Luckily, it was not serious. Had Mr Lim not remove the decorations immediately when we told him to, things could be worse. It is because that this incident is going to happen that Mr and Mrs Lim have unconsciously received the message and are not aware.

Therefore, observe what is happening around you, including your own behaviours and thoughts, as well as others’. Become aware of your surroundings and you will find synchronicity all around you. Prepare yourself for what is coming up in your life so that you can grasp the opportunities and avoid adversities.

You can get assistance from us with our Feng Shui service to identify the messages around you.


What is Astrology

Astrology, the Science of stars, is the study of the movements and relationships of the planets and earth. Astrologers believe that the combination of elements such as, houses and angles, constellation objects, positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and earth at the time of a person’s birth have a direct influence on the person’s character and destiny. Astrology falls under the category of Metaphysics.

There is no single unified theory or practice of astrology. In ancient, different cultures practiced their own forms of astrology, some of which combined and evolved into today’s common western astrology. Eastern cultures continue to practice their own forms of astrology: Chinese, Vedic and Tibetan astrology are among the most well-known.

Astrology helps you to understand yourself, it provides guidance to why you’re attracted to some people, and repelled by or indifferent to others. It helps you to take conflicts less to heart, and also show potential clashes to watch out for. It can help you to see a clearer picture and see these conflicts as challenges that help you to grow.

Astrology can give you a deeper understanding of all your relationships, with bosses, siblings, parents, children, friends and partners. Comparing with each other’s birth charts can bring your attention to areas where your natures could come into conflicts. Astrology also shows where karma is being played out, with hard but necessary lessons.

The sun sign is usually what you are known to according to your birth dates like if you are a Capricorn or an Aquarius, being born between Dec to Jan or Jan to Feb of any year. The moon and rising sun are what kind of sun sign you are deep within and how you react to external events. To discover yourself more, there are a lot of free online birth charts generator which you can use.


Synchronicity : There are no coincidences

The term Synchronicity is coined by Carl Jung, to express a concept that belongs to him. It is about acausal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena.

“Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.”
– Carl Jung

This concept was inspired to him by a patient’s case. The patient dreamt of a golden scarab – cetonia aurata the previous night before the psychotherapy session, and at the moment she was describing to him her dream, a real insect hits against Carl Jung’s window. Jung caught it and discovered surprisingly that it was a golden-green colored scarab; a very rare presence at that period in the particular place.

In his book Synchronicity, Carl Jung wrote: “Synchronicity is no more baffling or mysterious than the discontinuities of physics. It is only the ingrained belief in the sovereign power of causality that creates intellectual difficulties and makes it appear unthinkable that causeless events exist or could ever exist. But if they do, then we must regard them as creative acts, as the continuous creation of a pattern that exists from all eternity, repeats itself sporadically, and is not derivable from any known antecedents.”

Synchronicity is the law of universe. We are all connected by unknown forces in the universe. A significant coincidence is when the universe is talking to you. When the universe “speaks”, listen. Listening and being ready to receive creates amazing synchronicity. Look carefully for opportunities. Be a participant.

Synchronicity is like a mirror, whatever you believe will be reflected back at you. If you do not believe, then you cannot see it. Your brain would not process information that it does not expect to see. If you agree with the law of synchronicity then you connect more deeply and send out a stronger ripple effect of your message, which creates more synchronicity and coincidences in your favor. This is because you are in harmony with what you seek.

The more deeply you connect, the more synchronicity you will experience. Be open to what you receive, this often turns out to be better than what you expected. Synchronicity tends to happen when it is needed. Be responsive to them, put your logical self on hold. Pay attention to your inner feelings.

When you predict an event you automatically increase the chances of it happening. But when you really believe something is going to happen, then you create certainty. By believing you add psychic energy to the event. Believing is the hardest part. If you can overcome this, you become invincible.

According to the law of physics, energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed. Your thoughts are energy and thus, can never be destroyed. In physics, “The Observer Effect“ is when your mind observes something, you change that something. Therefore, You make the future happen. You are the creator of your destiny.

Synchronicity, applies to phenomena from the area of parapsychology, prevision and premonition, toI Ching, to astrology and many other borderline fields. It is also present in psychotherapy. Several psychoanalysts noted certain strange coincidences in which their patients received information about them by extra-sensory ways. This is also part of Metaphysics of what we know today.