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Channeled Wisdom

Quick Energy Update

There is a powerful obstruction energy around for quite some time (especially the last 2 months), and I had not been “allowed” to share until now. This is an energy that needs to be released. Some people referred to it as being similar to a tumor. This energy includes and symbolizes the stubbornness of humans. This is an energy of the unwillingness to see the truth, and as a result, for those who wishes to see the truth, there is now, an additional strong barrier.

This is actually a piece of good news, because this hidden obstacle is excavated, and has now surfaced. This is a very powerful hindrance energy. (emphasizing here). And because of the discovery of this energy, many has subconsciously been guided to healing and releasing works. That is also why, there has been some “shakiness” or “loosening” or “thinning” of this energy now, and you can now see this message being shared by many, or perhaps, you too, has received the same message and felt a sense of brief relief now.

This blockage of energy is going to last until Year 2023, as of now. There are going to be more obvious changes happening in the year 2023. Some humans may say that it is the conclusion of a great cycle. Humans are going to have the opportunity to live their lives in a completely different way. Therefore, 2021-2023 is a process journey, in which everyone collectively heals this world dimension, with continuous releasing and lifting of the spiritual consciousness energy. Will we return to Spirit and live in the most primitive way, or will we live with advanced wisdom and intelligence, or will the energy of the year 2020 repeat itself? This is dependent on the journey of 2021-2023.

And so, Year 2021 will be a very interesting year. We will share more of Year 2021 in another article.

Blessings to you

Worship and Condemn are the same

One who will place another on the pedestal to worship, will also condemn another to damnation. These actions are of the same, they are both “inequality” of the human’s thought. This is also Yin and Yang. Where there is the so-called “good”, there will be the so-called “bad”. Thus, when one exists, the other will the same.

Placing another on the pedestal, is to lower oneself. To belittle and contempt another, is to exalt oneself. This is a trace of existence of “inequality” in one’s thought. The same goes for, to allow others to put oneself on the pedestal to worship, is the same as to belittle others. Because this thought comes from thinking that one is better than others, and that others are worse than oneself. And to allow others to degrade oneself, is to exalt others. These are “inequality” thoughts. Because of the belief that one human can be better or worse than another.

These thoughts create and attract more energies of “inequality”, and causing these energies to be manifested and transformed into this physical world to become events.

It doesn’t matter if you are the one who puts yourself or others on the pedestal, or to condemn others, they are simply of the same. To create such “inequality”, then one has to also be prepared to accept this “inequality”. Because the Law of Cause and Effect is the unchanging Law of the Universe. You always reap what you sow.

The Law of Cause and Effect is telling you that there is no “Right” or “Wrong”, because what you give, you will receive. It is about what you want to receive, and not about “Right” or “Wrong”, “Justified or not”.

Things happen for a reason

I have shared the message in the Facebook post last December for a Divination done for year 2020. I have also highlighted it in March 2020 after the pandemic started and disrupted the whole’s economy. The below content is what I have shared.

The coronavirus has been disrupting to daily lives and causing damage to the global economy. Number of businesses are forced to close or shut down, with many at the risk of bankrupcy/ closure. 

When the time comes, what is going to happen, will happen. If not for the virus, it could be other disasters that will result in the same situation. It is just being used as a tool by the Universe. Be mentally prepared since now is only warming up to the economic situation later this year. The ripple effect will be felt at all levels as time goes by.

Likes attract likes. Negative will attract more negatives. In today’s digitalised world, the speed of karma is almost immediate. At all times maintaining a positive mindset is very important especially current situation and the upcoming one later this year.

A positive mindset prepares you mentally and perhaps physically too. A negative mindset kills you from within even without anyone telling you anything. You reap what you sow. So choose your path wisely.

What the Universe is trying to tell us

Covid-19 happens during the transition of old to new cycle of 12 Chinese zodiac signs. As the Universe progresses, we have entered into a new cycle, a level higher with 5G and beyond. In the new cycle;

  • The Universe wants us to rethink how we want to be treated if we continue to take our own existence for granted. It pushes us to innovate and adopt new ways or technologies to want us to reduce what we have been disposing to our environment.
  • In this era of 5G and beyond, the Universe is telling us that, what goes around, starts coming around faster than before. When you scorned at others, you were hit with the same situation very soon enough. When you had prejudice against others, you were hit with the same situation very quickly. When you laughed over other people’s sufferings, you were hit with the same situation shortly.
  • The Universe wants us to understand that we are all CONNECTED. In his eyes, we are just one of the many kinds he had created. How much you are worth, or whether you are from a royal blood, when the Universe decided to act, his action comes in different forms and we suffer as one together. 
  • The Universe proves to us that No OTHER KIND (immortals or God that any individual deemed or referred to) could extend their help, except that we humans solve this situation ourselves, Together. We bear the consequences of our actions. We reap what we sow. He is just strengthening the wise words left for us, “the society is the true reflection of ourselves”.

It is them not me

Today we will discuss about TV dramas, about the so-called “bad” roles in many dramas, the most annoying character in the drama, the one who either having a tragic ending or was changed for the better by the male or female lead in the drama.

As a viewer of dramas, have you realised that the “bad” guy/girl roles in the dramas were actually hurting themselves while doing harm to others? Did you also realise that these annoying characters always would think that they are the victims, and that it is others who are doing them injustice?

These “bad” roles always feel that they are the victims, they have victimhood mentality, and that they did not do anything wrong. Sometimes they would feel that what they did is because of what others did. They are just protecting themselves, and even avenging for themselves.

The audience watching the dramas would certainly know that the real annoying “bad” guys are those who thought they are the victims, because the audience are watching the drama from God’s view and get to see the big picture of the truth of things. And in fact, these “bad” characters are also very common in real life. Think about it, are there such people around you or is that you, yourself? Or would you think that “Hey, it’s them not me”?

These dramas are just reminding you that those who bring harm to others are those who think of themselves as victims. These “bad” people can only see that whatever others are doing are wrong, and they are not able to see how their own actions are causing harm to others and they, themselves. Thus, they often did things without consciously knowing what they are actually doing, and let things get worse.

When you are having thoughts like these, thinking that it is the fault of others, “it is them not me”, and feeling wronged or unjust about it, then this emotion is a reminder to you, to calm down and think things through before putting the blame on anyone, including yourself. This is a reminder to place yourself in the shoes of others, to give yourself a chance to see the truth and live a happier life. Neither you nor anyone needs to be blamed.

The purpose of seeing the truth has never been to blame or reprimand anyone, but to enable yourself to change and grow.

Why do people talk about others behind their backs?

Do you have this question in mind? Or do you have a thousand or ten thousand words to insult these people? Think before you insult and say you have and will never do the same…

So why do people do this? Talking behind other people’s back? Of course, there are tens of millions of reasons and excuses, but today, we will discuss only one of them.

First of all, when a person is aggrieved but is afraid to confront the other party that he/she is wrong in blaming him/her, this aggrieved person will find another person that he/she trusted the most or in the closest proximity to complain and share his/her grievances, and talk about what the person who wronged them did and how they wronged them. This is the kind of talking behind someone’s back that we are sharing today.

Are you thinking that this situation is different? But what makes it different? Putting it into perspective, if the person who created this grievance hears from another person that he/she is being discussed by the person whom he/she just blamed, will this person thinks that this person is talking behind his/her back and saying bad things about him/her that are wrong? And if the person doesn’t feel that he/she has done anything wrong and wonder why, if the person feels aggrieved, he/she did not tell them directly instead, and went behind his/her back to share with another? In this scenario, has the “victim” change?

I believe that everyone has had experiences on both ends of this story, so before blaming another for talking behind your back, think about whether there has been any misunderstandings. Maybe some people just don’t like confrontations and want to let things quite down, or they are looking for another to empathise with them. And of course, this decision of not going directly to the person who triggered this emotion within them and not accepting the emotion that rose from within, will only deepen the misunderstandings and give opportunities to those who may have bad intentions to create drama from this.

If you do not like confrontations, then you most likely have fear within, and are not confident enough. You may need healing and you can do this through self-love or engage our help.

Important questions to ask yourself before you speak

How many have thought that always having to think before they speak to others are tiring. And it is tiring just by having this thought itself. . . Because the end result is to say what is not true to their own thoughts and feelings, but to please another. This is also why many people now mistakenly think that by sharing criticisms and hate openly, they are being true and cool. This is the effect of a backlash from depression. . . This is also the reason why many people are interested in reading the minds of others.

In fact, many times, this annoyance and tiredness comes from trying to guess and control the reaction of others. And others are not within the scope of control. To think of trying to control or fight another person of the same level, will of course lead to annoyance and tiredness. Here, you are trying to fight against the natural Law of the Universe, which is, the Law of Freewill.

Many people are taught by their elders, while others are taught by experiences, that whenever you want to speak with another, you need to think first before you let it out of your mouth, questions to ask yourself before you speak may be like:

“If I say this, will he/she not like me?”,

“If I say this, will he/she be upset?”

“If I say this, will I be a bad person in the mouth of others’ ?”

“How will others see me if I were to say this?”

Have you discovered that the subject of these questions are others and not within, and how these questions are hiding selfish intentions? These questions revolve around others, outside of self and hide the desire to control others. The desire to control how others think and feel about ourselves. To want to control them from being hostile to ourselves.

This direction of thinking is being misguided, and it thus leads to depression and annoyance. Looking for an answer outside of self, will never bring the result you truly want. When the other person’s reaction to us is different from what was guessed, many people will fall into the edge of collapse, depression and irritance.

So what can we do to help with our communication with others? Can we not just say what we want to say? This is, of course, our ultimate goal, but it can be devastating when you don’t even know yourself well.

If you are a bit lost here, you can try to change your habits of thinking, go within, and adjust the questions you are used to, a little.

For example, before you speak, you can always ask yourself first:

“What is my intention of saying this?”

“What kind of results do I want to get by saying this?”

“What is the purpose of me saying this?”

“What needs of mine am I trying to satisfy by saying this?”

“Is this need of mine true to what I desire or is it just to satisfy the vanity of ego?”

These questions will help one discover that many of what was thought to be true feelings and thoughts, are in truth, not. And therefore, these words will not go out through the mouth, which will be equivalent to lesser talk of words that betray oneself, and releasing of energy of betrayal, and thus not attracting people or situations that involve betrayals.

By asking yourself these questions frequently, will also allow you to increase your self-awareness and understand your true self. At the same time, you will have more confidence in the words you have spoken, as they come from deep within, your true self. And you will not feel any guilt for your true feelings. Instead, you will feel peace and joy, because you understand that what you are saying is not meant to attack anyone, nor to bring yourself up above anyone, or push anyone down beneath you.

By doing so, you will also come to realise that the understanding and reaction of others to your words are purely within them, and has nothing to do with you at all.

In addition to all these, what you will find with joy is your inner peace.

Energy Update – September 2019

This will be a month of healing, and for most of us, this would mean a challenging month, especially in the area of our material concerns, relating to finances. We may feel like the world is against us and nothing is going our way. There will be some losses along the way, because out with the old, and in with the new.

Some of us will experience financial loss, and others illusionary financial losses. So what does illusionary financial loss means? For example, you were expecting some big wins in some lucky draws or lottery and you just missed out on a number to win the grand prize. This one number difference causes you to fall into a state of lack, obsessing on this “bad” luck to missed out by just one number, and feeling that you now has no money to do anything, forgetting you did not lose out on any money you already have.

Some of us may be in transit of a job, leaving an old job in search of a better opportunity, while others having to leave the current place of residence in search for a better place. And it is in this transit that brings about confusions and struggles, one might forget that this is only in transition, which means this is temporary.

This month in general, if you have to or is thinking to spend on some big ticket items, do think twice. Check in with yourself, do you really need the item? Are there any cheaper alternatives that you can consider? Weigh in between what you really need, that is what you need to survive, and what you desire, that is to satisfy your ego. Take care to not let yourself slip into the state of lack.

There will also be a change of partners for some, or status of relationships, and unexpected health issues. This challenging month may cause turmoil in our lives. If you are feeling left out in the cold, remember, this is temporary, and this happens for your healing. If you find difficulty, do reach out for help and support that are available. Be open to receive help from others, be open to receive Love that those around you are more than willing to give. And you only have to be open to see and receive.

This also means that this is the month for you to tap into your strength, to be willing to open to see and accept Love from those around you. Ask your Angels for assistance and guidance to help you through this healing. You do not have to do this alone.

Blessings to you.

Energy Update – August 2019

The energy of August is going to be sweet, very sweet and filled with fantasy. Imagine a pink princessy fantasy land filled with candies. Yeap, this kind of sweet.

Because you have gotten through the door of opportunity, the door of beginning. Everything, including yourself will start experiencing what you thought as unfamiliar and yet familiar at the same time. This unfamiliarity because you have not experienced in this physical lifetime, the familiarity as many have already guessed, an experience of your soul in another lifetime, another dimension. You have brought yourself through to another higher dimension, with peace running through every part of your body and yet, your ego is still resisting this new galactic energy upgrade within. Let yourself go freely. Go out into nature, spend more time in nature. Engage in activities that make you feel free and creative. You are going to write a new story of your life from here. The past never matters to your future, but it matters to help you grow and expand to this moment, so you can step through the door of opportunity.

This month also focuses on relationships. Not only the relationship of Lovers but also, friendships and families. You are going to experience the sweetest energy of the month in your relationships. This is unlike the atmosphere that you have during Valentine’s. You will feel loved, you will feel compassion. This is unconditional love, and not the conditional love that you are so used to. The love from a mother is the nearest to unconditional love BUT it is NOT unconditional. It is conditional. This month you are going to experience what is truly unconditional. For some it’s going to be as short as a split second, while others have the fortunate to experience this unconditional love in a longer period. No matter, once you have recognized the unconditional love, remember how it feels. This is going to help you greatly with your manifestations. And for some, this is an indication that your manifestations are near to fruition.

Do not, however, look to this energy, but let yourself immersed in it. Let yourself go with the flow.

This is also the time to start contemplating on how you can live in the moment and yet look towards your goals. The two never contradict, they go together and yet the ego always do not allow the two to come together. Just like the coin, there is always two sides and most of the time, your ego only allows you to see only one side and convinced you that only one can exist at a time. Just like yes and no, cannot come together. Or so you thought.

Enjoy the energy of August and stop letting what happened before you need to step through the door continue to influence you, as you are now through the door, you have left everything else behind. You are NEW.

Energy Update – July 2019

For the energy update of this upcoming month, what I received was an image of a door with frame decorated by beautiful fresh flowers. My Angels told me that this is the door to opportunity. The image then slowly gets brighter and brighter, with the light slowly expanding its reach upon the area it was shining on, while revealing more doors of opportunities. At this time, the door to opportunity that was right in front of me, told me that there are some doors here that will lead to leaving certain people, situations, and things behind. These people, situations and things that used to play significant roles in our lives but are no longer serving our highest purpose. And as we stepped through these doors that do not allow us to bring along those that are not in alignment with our energy, they will be left behind.

There are also other doors that will lead us to receive ideas, things, situations or people that will bring us closer to our dreams, our desires, our ideals. Some of us will be presented with one door, while others will have a few to choose from. There are also a small group that will be presented with a lot of doors. 

And no matter how we choose, it is always the right door for us, the right door to our dreams, our desires, and it is also for our highest good. This  means you do not have to put any pressure on yourself. You do not have to stress out on which door to choose. Just follow your instincts and choose the one you feel drawn to. If you are trying to find the door of opportunity, it simply means you are too nervous. Perhaps you are trying to control and manipulate how this door of opportunity looks like and where it is supposed to come from? If you feel frustrated, it is your higher self that is trying to gain your attention to take a break and stop forcing yourself forward. During this time, it is recommended to go into meditation, to declutter your mind, or connect with nature.

This month, there will also be a number of people who will be trapping themselves in a chaos. But the actual storm is already some distance away. This is a storm that has already left your life. What you can do is to accept that it has left your life and that you are now safe. Accept that you have grown through the experience, gained wisdom and knowledge through the experience and thus, see the truth in light. Some people have been caught in this illusion because of their habits. Since it is the illusion of the mind, it can of course be cleared through the mind. Do help yourself and think on the good side. Think about your ideal life and let yourself feel the feeling you want. Help yourself and stop yourself from falling into darkness, thinking that darkness is your reality.

July is actually a period of patience and rest for many. Patience and rest while you gain inner peace, so you can make a well informed decision for your highest good. Let yourself hear the voice from your higher self, to choose the door of opportunity that have been prepared for you. You don’t need to be anxious, because your urgency will only delay your decision making process. So take a break at this time, replenish your energy and love yourself. Until when inspiration comes, you have enough energy and confidence to move forward.


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