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As you start becoming you

As you start becoming you – Energy Update

Hello Everyone,

So I thought to share more of what I’ve received for the year and what it means for us, people whose energy resonates with mine, more aligned with me, and as I was receiving the information, I got this message that this energy update is also for you out there anytime, you are watching this video or listening to this podcast, regardless of the published date. The message and guidance here is timeless, and is relevant for you in your current cycle, no matter which year or space you are in, in the moment of NOW. And so the title of this information has been changed from Year 2019 energy update Part II to As you start becoming you – energy update.

YEAR 2019

As I was saying, this year or this cycle is about you, discovering and starting to learn to use the power and energy that you have reclaimed and replenished from last year or last cycle, it is about you regaining your confidence, surrendering your low self-esteem, surrendering the need for approvals, and surrendering the fear of showing your true self. It’s about you discovering YOU, and on the way to becoming YOU.

As you begin to journey inwards, you will discover the profound power that you have reclaimed within you, and will start off to learn to use that power. And as you start using this inner power, you will remember who you are and what you can do.

As you start on this journey to discover and being YOU, and take the first step towards doing what you came here to do, while with your natural abilities and inner power, you will of course, again be faced with resistance. And as you have already guessed or been through before, resistance from those around you, especially, those who were so used to having your energy, your love and your attention. This time, they can feel the difference in you, as there was a Global energetic upgrades, so whether or not you have took obvious actions to leave them, they know something is changing from now.

Now some of you may be wondering if these people are receiving the energetic upgrades too, why are they then still not awakened, why are they then still not aware of the truth, why are they then still indulging in the negative cycles.

Well, imagine we are playing a game with levels to clear, you were at level 5 and them at level 1, as you advance to level 10, they advance to level 5. You see, you have worked to clear the levels, one level at a time, and they have to work through that too. They cannot jump from stage 1 to 10 to meet you where you are, for they have their own clearance and healing to do. Patience is required in all things.

These people are going through what you had went through, they are afraid of the change in your relationship with them, and this is not personal. As you know and understand it, this is their inner fear, their own fear of change. They do not want an end to any thing or an end to any relationship that they are so used to having in their lives. They are in resistant mode and that made it difficult for them to receive the wisdom of truth.
These people are not willing to receive any new relationships that are more aligned to their energies. They are also afraid to be left behind by you, to be left in the darkness alone without your light, without your loving energy. As such, they will try all ways and throw all kinds of threats at you, to make sure you stay behind with them. They will try all means to make you feel bad and guilty. Throwing shades at you. You have been there before, Dear one, do not give in to these threats, do not feel guilty. For as you rise, they rise with you, because they have no choice but to rise to catch up with you, to prevent the gap between you and them to get wider. So, you have to go first. This is for the highest of all.

Focus on yourself, and you will realise your value, and your worth. You will gain much clarity, and thus, make better decisions for yourself and everyone around you.

Love yourself, dear one, for no one else will, if you do not. The people around you, only love themselves, and want the best for themselves, not you. What they say or do, are all for themselves to gain satisfaction to control and manipulate you. They think they will be happy (or so they thought), if they can control you, and they always claim that they are doing this for you, or for what the society thinks is the right way to do and to be. They do not yet realise what they are doing to you, is creating more karma debt between you and them. And since you are awakened and aware, do not allow this Karma debt to pile up. Stop this Karmic cycle from your end. YOU can do it, and you have the right to do it.

Remember this Dear one, this year, is your year. You have every right to do anything for your highest and greatest good. Remember, HIGHEST and GREATEST good. Feeling guilt is not for your highest good, it will also create Karma debt between you and those who are making you feel this guilt, and you have to come back here in another lifetime again, to go through the same until they repaid you what they gave, OR it may happen within this lifetime, and until then, you will not be free, or feel free. So choose to let them go now. They may not see it, but you do. They will later see the truth too, at Divine timing, and will be grateful that you did not let them create the karmic debt. Show your power, dear one. Let your wisdom lead you, and share your wisdom with love.

Know that you are safe, and you are protected. Nobody and nothing can hurt you now. Only you can. So dear one, be brave now. Tap into your inner strength, drop your shield of defence, and draw healthy boundaries.

Be careful of how and who you share your love and wisdom with. Always share with love. You are protected. You are safe. Take actions knowing it will be a success, and it will. You are a child of magic, you are beautiful.

Energy Update January 2019

A gentle reminder to those who need it.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you again for your support and love. I felt inspired to share this channeled message that I have just downloaded, as there are some people who may need to hear this again. This message that I am going to share, is already within you. You know it within you, and you wanted to hear it from outside you. So here I am.

What do we need to know about January 2019

If you have been feeling miserable and going into doubt again, because of the memories of the past, what you thought is already being released, what you thought was already resolved is now back to haunt you. Know that whatever is happening now, whatever is you are going through now, is for your highest good, because you are in the final stage of this releasing and forgiving. For many, you would have already turned around, and is now aware of what is going on and even what will happen.

For others, focus on releasing all that no longer serves you, releasing what you have to release since 2018. This month, complete this releasing work, this transformation cycle. Let yourself free, and go with the flow of this final stage of releasing. Allow all that no longer serves your higher purpose to be released, clear and removed. Forgive yourself and those who are involved. Remember, forgiving does not mean you agree nor does it mean those people have to be included in your life. Forgiving is to release the hurt, the emotion that is hurting you and nothing more that benefits you.

Now imagine yourself to be a hot air balloon, trying to rise, as you release the heavy loads and rise higher each time a baggage is being removed. This is you now, in this transition, preparing to rise even higher, to see things on a wider perspective. The old cycle is now coming to an end, a completion. The cycle that lasted for years, for many it’s around 10 years. So be excited to now embark on this new cycle.

As with all things and experiences, the first step into the unknown is always vulnerable and may be even fearful. Rest assured now, there is no turning back, and you do not want to. The better is coming, and you know you want it. This January, take more time to go into meditation, if you have been practicing an hour daily, then increase it to more than an hour. Time does not really matter but train yourself to live in the present moment and appreciate it more, this will help keep your vibration high as you learn to appreciate the moment of NOW.

As you learn and better your ability to go into stillness, the message from your inner self, the Universe, and your Angels will get even clearer. The awareness to identify the message from ego and Divine, will be heightened. As you start taking the leap of faith, taking the first step, and knowing that the Universe is there to catch you, you attract success. This success is what the Universe wants to give you. And it has been waiting to give you more than what you are receiving now. But first dear one, you have to learn to let go of the past. Let go of those that are not serving your higher purpose, and are not for your highest good.

This January, is preparing you for what is coming in 2019, the beginning of the new bigger cycle. It is preparing you to adapt to the new energy, the confidence to take actions knowing that it will be a success. Preparing you to create more magic and miracles with what you will be discovering more. Be excited! Because being excited keeps your vibration high, and well in receiving mode.

Have a little bit more patience, as the inspirations to take actions will come to you in this month too. You will start to see it, it can happen all of a sudden. A snap into the new perspective. You’ve been there before, so you will know it. You already know within you. As you move into stillness and peace more, you will receive this even sooner. Blessings to you dear one.

This message is suitable for the whole of year 2019.

What Law of Attraction taught me II

Hello everyone,

Thank you again for your kind support and love. Thank you for your follows, subscribes, likes and share on my social media and blog postings. I truly appreciate your love, and that is also why I am sharing more of what I receive from the Universe.

Previously, I have written a post on What the law of attraction has taught me about my daily life and surroundings, and today will be a continuation in these common daily life examples that everyone can relate to, and to help more to identify and understand the work of Law of Attraction, in order to adjust and heal from our issues and make Law of Attraction work for us, the way we would love to.

Just as what everyone already know, the law of attraction can help us achieve our desires, but that doesn’t mean that if we don’t understand the law of attraction or don’t learn to apply it, it doesn’t exist or is not working for us.

If you have read the article that I’ve posted earlier about the lessons, law of attraction has taught me, you will come to understand that the law of attraction is actually the natural law of the universe. It is constantly working and is always happening for everyone and around everyone. Just like how the sun is always rising from the east and setting in the west.

And many times, where there is “blame” and “negative emotion”, there is a reminder. A reminder that you need healing, and the issue that needs to be healed will be projected on the subject of the “blame”. This is how when you have a certain issue within you, you attract someone of the same to you, whether you are aware of your own issues or not.

For example, A very common scene we see today.
Someone often complains about others for complaining, and the irony is that most of the complaints are about others complaining. Do you see the work of Law of Attraction here?

Another example,
Someone often said that a certain person is not a good friend, because he/she do not lend a helping hand to those in need and at the same time, complained about another taking advantage of others, and he/she will never be like that. However, he/she is not aware that he/she is often taking advantage of others in the name of “friends in need”. Do you see the work of Law of Attraction now from the two examples?

Third example,
Someone often complains about another who does not know how to care for friends, and is very selfish. And the reason was because this other person did not take good care of him/her, and he/she felt neglected and not taken care of, without even realising that the person was trying to help others on another matter. Do you see the work of Law of Attraction and the damage of lack of self-love here?

There are many people and even ourselves may have characteristics very similar to these examples. The issue in the examples are the same and very obvious. The main subject in the examples are casting their own shadow aspects onto the people they are complaining about, and of which, these people whom they are complaining about are bringing information on what they need to heal to them.

This is the work of the law of attraction, where likes attract likes. So if you encounter something or someone that triggers your emotions, you may want to raise your awareness, and carefully observe yourself, and understand your own issues, and allow yourself to heal from this.

By doing so, you can bring in positive energy, disconnect from the negative cycles, and create good cycle of karma. And from here, you will no longer attract those that you complain about into your life again.

The reason to raise awareness to the issues within us is just to heal, and not to prove that we are bad or evil. There is no need to blame yourself or feel guilty. This is also not to prove that the things or people that you are complaining about are right in their way. What you need to know from this lesson, is to gain the direction of adjustment and healing.

Self-blame or Guilt will only allow negative energy to infiltrate more into our own energy field, which is definitely not what we want. What we truly want is healing and adjusting ourselves, so that we will no longer have any negative emotions and reactions to these events that bring us misery and made us uncomfortable. We will then no longer attract the people or events that we complained about into our lives.

What Law of Attraction taught me

One of the Laws of Universe, the Law of Attraction – where things of the same are gathered together, likes attract likes, mentioned things of the same energy will be attracted to each other.

Now observe and think carefully, are you and your group of close friends like-minded? Everyone’s preferences, thoughts, personalities, including feelings and opinions about things and events are similar, and that is what brings you together. This is what “Birds of the same feather flock together” means, Likes attract likes, the Law of Attraction happening around you and for you.

This will also lead to you thinking that for one to be different and inconsistent from you and those around you, they belong to rare species, and you may even think that its impossible, or it must be “fake”, simply because you have not yet encounter such a specie or situation.

Everyone knows very well that the world is vast, and there are thousands of different types of people, and everything is possible. However, if there is a person, or thing, or event that enters into one’s life and disrupt the routine or what has been familiar, thus, creating inconsistency or changes in life, then this person will have a strong reaction and are usually resistance. This reaction comes from the unwillingness to accept changes, and the unwillingness to accept that he/she does not yet know and understand the world as well as he/she has thought to be.

For example, a group of friends like to hang out together to complain, complaining about other friends, colleagues, or supervisors, or family members, everything under the sun. One day a newcomer joins this group, and he/she does not like to complain at all, and does not respond to the complaints of this group. This resulted in the group to start complaining about this new friend because they did not get the energy from the person and the attention they wanted. They think that this new person is too proud, self-righteous, and very “fake”, he/she is simply wearing a mask, trying to act like a diva. Because this group of friends who are so used to “complaining”, and thus, attract others of the same energy to be around them, they have never seen someone who will not complain before. If someone is different from them and does not complain, this person must not be authentic. They will also feel that this person has a conspiracy within his/her bones and they are afraid that this person will “betray” them by sharing with others that they are a group of complainers.

Another example, some people grew up in an environment where gratitude does not exist. Thus, they think it will be impossible to have a person who is sincere in being grateful in this world. At this time, if such a person exist in their circle of life, they would immediately judge this person as “fake”, wearing a mask to hide his/her true authentic self. This is simply because they are not willing to believe that there is love in the world, they are even less willing to believe that they have problems in believing in love and accepting love.

From the two brief examples above, these are the people who are like frogs at the bottom of the well. They simply think that what they have not seen or experienced, do not exist. This is also a self-righteous thinking.

Speaking your truth or just being self-righteous?

As I have been sharing in my videos and Instagram, speaking the truth is not equivalent to being rude, and using words to hurt others.
Some people think that criticizing others is them speaking their truth, and therefore attract the same treatment to themselves, which is also the result of their own seed (Karma). When they were subjected to this “fruit” (of Karma), they forgot that they had hurt others in the same way before.

For example, when you give a critical remark when no one is asking for your advice or opinion, you are being self-righteous and think that you are better than that person, and that you are qualified to criticize. You have to then prepare yourself to be treated the same way by that action of yours. Because all causes will have their effects.

If you have criticized someone for being vague or have problems with their speech, then you have to accept the effect of this course of action, that is about three to ten-fold of an effect to you, from the universe. Perhaps you will be criticized by others in your career or in areas that you feel is important or felt proud of. So before share the truth of yours, think about how you want others to tell you, if it was you on the other side.

For those who have received criticism, don’t be upset by the words, because these people will get the fruits of the seeds they have planted. And you don’t have to pray for them to get the retribution, because this is the law of the Universe, it will happen. But if you pray, then that is the Karma you have created for yourself.

What you can possibly do when you are hurt, is self-reflection. Does the criticism contain any constructive feedback to help you adjust and grow, and have you ever hurt another through similar ways, sometimes it could be done without you even being aware of. At the same time, know that people who criticize or hurt others are damaged and need to be healed. They create more negativity through hurtful words, projecting their hurt on another. The appearances of such people in your life, may be to raise your awareness to where they need healing and where you need Healing. So when dealing with such, try to relax, sympathize with them and forgive them. And of course, Forgiveness is another profound subject.

#LawofKarma #speakyourtruth #Beyourauthenticself #Lawofattraction #speakyourtruthisnotequivalenttohurtingotherswithyourchoiceofwords

December 2018 Energy Update

This podcast is about the current energy of December 2018
The energy many of you may experience now, is the energy brought over from November 2018, the energy of self-transformation, inner work, and many of us are facing situations that are very similar to the tower card in the tarot deck. If you have not already realised, this is the preparation work that we have been going through almost every ending of an old cycle in preparing for a new cycle.

As with all other endings transitioning to a new beginning, just like from dusk to dawn, we go through the “darkest” phase of the cycle, where it is really all about releasing the old, releasing all that no longer serve us or our purpose. Going through changes, and accepting changes. It is also during this time, we are being called to review this cycle. So do not be surprised if the people, situations or things that we thought have passed or we have healed from it are now being brought up from within us again, repeating in our minds. These are showing us how much we have grown, and how we thought we cannot make it but we did. This is the time where we recognise our efforts and achievements, appreciate ourselves and our Spirit team. This is not about allowing these visions or memories to cloud us and lead us into thinking we have done nothing. It is also the time to heal that we have not yet complete within this Divine timing.

The pain, the miserable feelings that we are experiencing, are very much related to how much we are not willing to release. This may be due to our thoughts and habits that these have been serving us very well in this cycle, and we wouldn’t believe that we have to now release what have been serving us well until now. 

What we can do, again, as with all other endings of a cycle, in preparation for another new cycle, is to relax and go with the flow. Accept what we have been through, and receive the healing that we need. Let yourself be as open as possible, in accepting what is being shown to you now. It is also during this time, you will receive the truth, the deeper and more profound meaning of the truth, of what you have been through in this cycle, and for some of us, it could be a realisation of our past lives that have been affecting this last cycle. Focus on raising your energy by immersing yourself in the energy of this season of joy, this will help keep you in alignment with the energy of receiving.

When you are in open and receiving mode, you will be able to see that what is happening now is only happening within your mind, you will realise that they are your imagination, and peace will follow onward. We can look forward to the new energy of 2019, that has already set in, and some of us have already started receiving and enjoying this energy. This new energy, is where we will break out of our cocoon and spread our new pair of wings and fly even higher.

Blessings to you, much love

Thank you

About New Releasing Meditation Kit

So I was meditating the other day, and I received this inspiration to create a meditation to help in the work of releasing.

In the meditation, Kuan Yin came to me, I have not seen her for some time, and until this year, she returned to me, to my life. She asked me to create a guided meditation video on releasing work, with her image of the thousand arms Kuan Yin. There has been a massive emotional outbreaks and people are receiving the stress and feeling the negativity both from within, and from those that are being reflected and thrown on them.

As I was typing out the steps, I can feel her guiding my fingers across the keyboard. While I was thinking how I can present this meditation, whether I will just add a guided meditation video on my YouTube Channel, she gave me this idea to create a kit, which consists of words, video and audio. This idea makes me feel excited and yet scared, I am not sure how I can create the audio file and scared of the quality of work that I created.

Anyway, so I was creating this kit, and was worrying if the book would be too simple, and wondering if I should add more information to the kit to make it more of value, to my own benchmark. I was over thinking again, my perfectionism, my lack of self-esteem and self-confidence is acting up. Kuan Yin came into my mind to stop me from going further into this fear, her image became so clear in my inner vision that its blocking my physical vision. No kidding. Thank you Kuan Yin. I love you. Kuan Yin told me, she asked me to create a meditation, not a program nor a course. Just get it out already. She was laughing at me for letting myself into this fear. Out of love of course.

So, this is how my meditation kit come about and I hope this meditation can help you to tide your difficult times, when you need help with releasing. I get this feeling that there will be more to come. We shall see, for I am one to let my intuition to lead me.

You can download this free releasing meditation kit at my Free Digital Kits / E-book section.

e-book know yourself love yourself

My New Book: Know Yourself, Love Yourself

I am so excited to finally share with you my very first book on Self-Love.

I had spent time thinking, worrying, stressing, and even feeling overwhelmed at times while “birthing” this book. I was researching and looking for publishers, editors, and even designers for my book. I have times again wondering if I should just give up the book but, I know Universe gave me the inspiration and wisdom to share not to hide.

Then one day, I received messages to ask me to remember to breathe, to rest and take a break. I realised I was again after perfectionism. As I was thinking of repackaging this book into a course workbook for my program, I received another message to have patience, and that there is something better.

So again, I waited, and wait and wait, until I receive another message to go ahead and launch my book as an E-book, as a self-published e-book. Until I receive the clear message that, hey, we are not after perfectionism, we want to share this information of love, not to let it lead me into losing this self-love that I so wanted to share. We gotta practice what we preach don’t we? 😉

I spent a lot of time re-writing and rephrasing trying to use simple words, in my understanding and context, only because I want more people to receive more detailed information, and not only the abstract idea. I gave many examples that may happen in real life, only in hope that whoever read this book can understand and identify.

Can the book be better? Yes, of course it can! But we will be forever waiting and waiting, for there will never be a perfect timing and we will never be satisfied enough for our “babies” to go out.

My spirit team made me see the many times I have let myself down, and even got hurt when I did not trust in my intuition. And I know this time, they mean it for me to go out with whatever I have and stop procrastinating, and finding excuses for myself.

They made me see that this is the fear of being judged, this is my low self-esteem at work. And they laughed at me, yes they do that, but out of love for me. They reminded me of the content I have in my book by making me going through it again and again, moving and shifting the layout at the same time.

So long story short, I listened and trust, and I feel happy. That’s what you will feel when you listen to your intuition and your Angels.

Head over now to support my new project, “E-Book: Know Yourself, Love Yourself“.

If you are interested, you may also want to check out my Know Yourself, Love Yourself program, where you will be receiving this e-book for free, and you will have me as your personal healer and reader, to help you work towards positive self-love for 28 days.

So what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards positive self love, invest in yourself today. Because you are worth it!

Thank you and I love you.

Do not be afraid of people who talk bad about you

Do not fear people who talk bad about you

People talk bad about you because they are intimidated by you, your light. They do not want to be left behind, alone in the dark and thus, hope others stay with them in the dark.

Most of the times, as you realise, the things people talk about you are untrue. Simply because they are just reflecting themselves on you, and making judgements of what they have upon themselves on you. This includes both the good and bad things they talk about. In fact, it is their soul trying to show them the part that they need to bring to light and heal, by reflecting on others.

As they see the light in you, and at the same time their dark aspects being reflected out to them, they are afraid. They are scared that others will judge them like they judged you, so they start to spread untrue things about you, or sometimes they thought are true about you. They do not like it that you are shining your true light, and that is something that they are afraid of. And they do not like it that they are being led to the awareness of their dark aspects, for they refused to believe that that is them. They have to bring you back down with them, so others may see you as them, or even as them being above you, for they are the ones who took the lead to bring you back down.

Let’s talk about an example to help you relate more:

“A group of friends decided to watch a movie together, and they could not decide on the movie title, as there are differing views and preferences. So one of the girls, let’s name her Ada, stood up and said that it is ok to not watch the movie title that she’d like to watch today, and that she can go home so the rest can proceed with what they want to watch. And so She went home.”

So what do you think about this story here? Are you making judgements on Ada or the rest of the group of friends? What would you do or think or feel, if you were the group of friends? OR what would you do or think or feel if you were Ada?

I find this interesting to meditate upon and think about your choices and judgements being made based on this short story, and shall continue in another article at a later date. *UPDATE BELOW*

So you may have knowingly or unknowingly already made judgements on either Ada or the group of friends. Let’s continue with the story.

“After Ada went home. The group of friends were furious and upset. They tried to make Ada to stay and watch the movie with them but, she refused and would prefer to go home. She even offered to watch the movie title that she wanted alone, and would be very happy to meet up again on another day. She would prefer all not to waste time discussing or negotiating and go ahead and watch the movie that everyone desires.

The group of friends think otherwise, and among them, there were also some who prefer to watch what Ada wanted, but they thought to themselves that they would prefer to go with the majority for fear of being talked badly about behind their backs for not having a group thinking. They too, were unhappy with Ada, wondering why if they could “sacrifice” and follow the group and she could not. They were unhappy with the independence thinking of Ada, and the guts of Ada to choose to go home instead of spending the money on something she does not like. They are envious of Ada for being able to stay convicted to her own choice, for not being afraid of the judgements from others.

Ada on the other hand did not have any negative thoughts nor emotions from this episode. She respected herself, and her friends for their choices. She feels that instead of her going along and not be happy which may affect the energy of the group negatively too, and vice versa, she choose to leave in peace and would be happy to rejoin them at a later date for another movie or even gathering.”

I will stop the story here. Have you now changed your thoughts on this story? Take some time again to think and reflect on your life and those around you. Are there similar incidents that happened before?

The group of friends were unhappy with Ada, some thinking that Ada is not being happy by walking away. This is because they, themselves are not happy with what happened and they think Ada would be too. They even thought that Ada is being selfish, but Ada is only standing her ground of her own choice. They were the ones being selfish for wanting Ada to follow them even though she would not be happy doing that. For the ones who sacrificed, they wanted Ada to be like them, doing things that affect them negatively, and not be happy with her choice. Can you see now how everyone is reflecting their own thoughts and projecting them on another?

You may think that this is a very simple and yet “no big deal” kind of example. But, the way you handle a certain thing or event, no matter how big or small, it reflects the way you handle everything. Take time to go within and observe yourself and those around you. How different are you from them and them from you? Have you been afraid of judgements that you have been sacrificing yourself, and jealous of people like Ada?

If you are like Ada, then all the more you should not be afraid of those who are jealous of you, for they are the ones with issues they need to heal. You can choose to help them, or walk away. Because you cannot save everyone, and that you have to ensure your own well is filled before you can fill another.

history will always repeat itself

History will always repeat itself

Why History will always repeat itself? Because Life is not a straight line, but a spiral. You will always come back to the same but yet still different. You will discover deeper meanings into things that you thought you already understood. And this is because, Life is about helping you to realise how strong you always are, and how much stronger you have and will become.

Know that the Universe will never give you anything you cannot handle. Trust and have faith in yourself. You can and have the ability to overcome the challenges, and as you were being reminded of the challenges, you will remember how strong you are and not allow yourself to fall back down. Realise you have come so far with all that you have gone through. You have achieved much and not achieved nothing like you may thought.

If you have been caught in uncomfortable situations, and observed the same cycle in your life. Know that until you realised what you are meant to learn from the lesson, can you be aware of the solution to break this cycle. But as you become aware and observed the same negative cycle that is going on in your life, this is the breaking point where you will begin to open up and receive the solution to break this cycle and stop this repeated history.

Have faith in yourself. Only YOU can break this cycle and only YOU can create your own world.