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Using Feng Shui to decode the signs of the Universe

Feng Shui is everywhere. I would like to share one incident on Office Desk Feng Shui. For residential Feng Shui we can engage people to come to our house, however, most people have no choice for office feng shui unless we are our own boss. But at least we can do something to

Using Divination to analyse your career

Hi everyone. Sometime ago I have a friend who just started a new job. He previously resigned and was able to find this current job very quickly. The current job is good but not as perfect as he was expecting an eight hours a day, five days work week kinda job so he could sti

Feng Shui in the 21st Century

Hi everyone. In this 21st century, I would like to inject new perspective about Feng Shui. I had mentioned in some articles previously, it is all about Laws of the Universe. However, even we know this, we will need specialists to analyse and to lead us on how we should do it

Feng Shui based on Law of Universe

Hi everyone, if i may recall years ago before the internet days our knowledge on Feng Shui was very limited. We thought it is something magical, mystic or some can even used for deterring ghosts or negative stuffs. So whenever we talked about Feng Shui, religion immediately

Using ancient wisdom to enhance modern living

Hello everyone. It is again my time to talk about Feng Shui and Divination. Before that, I would like you to take notice the Chinese version of our website has been changed to traditional Chinese. For people residing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, they may be

About New Releasing Meditation Kit

So I was meditating the other day, and I received this inspiration to create a meditation to help in the work of releasing. In the meditation, Kuan Yin came to me, I have not seen her for some time, and until this year, she returned to me, to my life. She asked me to crea

The reason why you are losing faith in Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Hi everyone. It just popped up on my mind and perhaps this is something that my higher self wanted me to share with you the reason why you are losing faith in Chinese Zodiac animals. I had this thought when I first came to know about Chinese zodiac animals. I used to be fond

e-book know yourself love yourself

My New Book: Know Yourself, Love Yourself

I am so excited to finally share with you my very first book on Self-Love. I had spent time thinking, worrying, stressing, and even feeling overwhelmed at times while "birthing" this book. I was researching and looking for publishers, editors, and even designers for my bo

Do not be afraid of people who talk bad about you

Do not fear people who talk bad about you

People talk bad about you because they are intimidated by you, your light. They do not want to be left behind, alone in the dark and thus, hope others stay with them in the dark. Most of the times, as you realise, the things people talk about you are untrue. Simply becaus

history will always repeat itself

History will always repeat itself

Why History will always repeat itself? Because Life is not a straight line, but a spiral. You will always come back to the same but yet still different. You will discover deeper meanings into things that you thought you already understood. And this is because, Life is about