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Energy Update – March 2019

This is the time for the flower to bloom. As the seed was planted way before, and you watching this seed grow, and growing with it as it turns into a bud earlier in Feb 2019, now is the time to watch this bud bloom. Let your path unfold for you, just like th

Energy Update – February 2019

https://youtu.be/v68WEXFXJVE This is the month where many of us have been reborn and are now of a clean slate. Most of us have been going through a transformation cycle, and some longer than the others. Some of us have already ended this transformation cycle earlie

As you start becoming you

As you start becoming you – Energy Update

 Hello Everyone, So I thought to share more of what I’ve received for the year and what it means for us, people whose energy resonates with mine, more aligned with me, and as I was receiving the information, I got this message that this energy update is also for you o

Energy Update January 2019

A gentle reminder to those who need it. Hello Everyone, Thank you again for your support and love. I felt inspired to share this channeled message that I have just downloaded, as there are some people who may need to hear this again. This message that I am goin

Law of Attraction: You attract the people in your life

Hello everyone, Thank you again for your kind support and love. Thank you for your follows, subscribes, likes and share on my social media and blog postings. I truly appreciate your love, and that is also why I am sharing more of what I receive from the Universe. Previ

Law of Attraction: It is always working whether you are aware or not

  One of the Laws of Universe, the Law of Attraction - where things of the same are gathered together, likes attract likes, mentioned things of the same energy will be attracted to each other. Now observe and think carefully, are you and your group of close friends

Speaking your truth or just being self-righteous?

As I have been sharing in my videos and Instagram, speaking the truth is not equivalent to being rude, and using words to hurt others. Some people think that criticizing others is them speaking their truth, and therefore attract the same treatment to themselves, which is als

Prediction for Year of Pig 2019

Time flies and we are into the end of the year 2018. I believe when the new year begins, you will see boards erected around that indicate the luck of each Chinese zodiacs. Year 2018 is the year of Dog, and it also coincides with the heavenly sign “Wu”, which represents E

December 2018 Energy Update

This podcast is about the current energy of December 2018The energy many of you may experience now, is the energy brought over from November 2018, the energy of self-transformation, inner work, and many of us are facing situations that are very similar to the t

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is able to realise health issue

Hi. Welcome to my article here. I would write articles to let you re-recognise about Feng Shui and to dispel any superstitious about Feng Shui, if any. This case is about a client who just bought a new house and invited me to audit their house before they would approach a