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Quick Energy Update

There is a powerful obstruction energy around for quite some time (especially the last 2 months), and I had not been "allowed" to share until now. This is an energy that needs to be released. Some people referred to it as being similar to a tumor. This energy includes and s

Worship and Condemn are the same

One who will place another on the pedestal to worship, will also condemn another to damnation. These actions are of the same, they are both "inequality" of the human's thought. This is also Yin and Yang. Where there is the so-called "good", there will be the so-called "bad"

Things happen for a reason

I have shared the message in the Facebook post last December for a Divination done for year 2020. I have also highlighted it in March 2020 after the pandemic started and disrupted the whole's economy. The below content is what I have shared. The coronavirus has been disr

What the Universe is trying to tell us

Covid-19 happens during the transition of old to new cycle of 12 Chinese zodiac signs. As the Universe progresses, we have entered into a new cycle, a level higher with 5G and beyond. In the new cycle; The Universe wants us to rethink how we want to be treated if we cont

It is them not me

Today we will discuss about TV dramas, about the so-called "bad" roles in many dramas, the most annoying character in the drama, the one who either having a tragic ending or was changed for the better by the male or female lead in the drama. As a viewer of dramas, have y

Why do people talk about others behind their backs?

Do you have this question in mind? Or do you have a thousand or ten thousand words to insult these people? Think before you insult and say you have and will never do the same... So why do people do this? Talking behind other people's back? Of course, there are tens of mi

What Feng Shui Masters will not tell you

The Lunar New Year is coming, and during this period, many people will seek the help of Feng Shui Masters to see if there is any need to add auspicious items to the home or rearrangements of furniture at home for the coming year, for good luck. If you are into spiri

Important questions to ask yourself before you speak

How many have thought that always having to think before they speak to others are tiring. And it is tiring just by having this thought itself. . . Because the end result is to say what is not true to their own thoughts and feelings, but to please another. This is al

Energy Update – September 2019

This will be a month of healing, and for most of us, this would mean a challenging month, especially in the area of our material concerns, relating to finances. We may feel like the world is against us and nothing is going our way. There will be some losses along th

Energy Update – August 2019

The energy of August is going to be sweet, very sweet and filled with fantasy. Imagine a pink princessy fantasy land filled with candies. Yeap, this kind of sweet. Because you have gotten through the door of opportunity, the door of beginning. Everything, includi