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Our Great Team

Our consultants are old Souls who have lived many lifetimes with accumulated experiences and wisdom to do what they can do now.

Jackie Hong

Jackie is born with claircognizance and divination abilities. He enjoys helping people with the wisdom and knowledge that he has accumulated from his many lifetimes. He is a certified practitioner in I Ching Feng Shui, Bazi, Divination, Psychic and entity attack defense

Kelly Lim

Kelly came to this Earth as a healer, an intuitive channeler and empath. She enjoys what she do best in many of her lifetimes, connecting with beings from the higher realms and sharing the loving guidance and healing energies she receives, to help others to balance their energies, clear their doubts and empower them with inspirations.


We offer non-religious personal consulting and healing sessions on Love, Career, Relationships, Health and Wealth, including Feng Shui for environment
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