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About Kelly

About Kelly

Kelly has always been sensitive to Energies and have experiences with Spirits ever since she can remember. Growing up in this world, her psychic abilities have helped her averted many troubles without her awareness of them.

Today, Kelly has learned and understand her experiences, and is still learning and healing, while helping those who come to her by free will and accordance to the Universe plan.

The purpose of sharing some of my stories below is to help those who are like me, to understand what they are going through and know that they are very special, and very loved and protected.

Depression with the urge to leave this world that led to near death experiences

Kelly has always been wanting to leave this world in one way or another secretly, but something else held her back each time. She has never felt real connection with anyone or any place in this world, and the desire to leave just gets stronger as she grows older.

The first near-death experience happened in the middle of a busy wide road where she was almost knocked down by a double-decked bus. At that moment, Kelly felt her soul left her body only to be back again after what seems to be more than a second.

The other 3 near-death experiences are similar, where she felt a sharp pain in her chest and she could not breathe. No doctors are able to find any wrong with her health.

The answer came to Kelly during one of the Healing practices. Her spiritual guides told her, she is not being abandoned in this world, and she is not and never is alone. It is by her choice to come into this world at this time, and she came with great Divine support and power.

Dealing with Spirit Realm

She remembers she often see a group of rainbow human images standing from a distance from her, looking at her, especially when she is staying outside in the middle of the night. She now knows they are her Guardian Angels protecting her.

Since young, she has always seen spirits playing jokes on her and even making fun of her because nobody around her wants to acknowledge what she sees, and she was always being brushed off with words like over-thinking or over imagination or even hallucinations.

In one of her early school days, She received her first clear message from Guan Yin, who appeared with one of her classmates and told Kelly that she is loved and protected, and asked her to have fun and enjoy life. Know that she is powerful and believe in her abilities. Guan Yin then told her that her friend will be protecting her. The next day in School, the teacher announced in class that the friend (whom she dreamed of with Guan Yin) died in a car accident in a carpark, the day before.

Negative entity attachment

The time when Kelly got attached by a negative entity, she can feel heavy energy coming down at her from above her, causing difficulty in breathing, like a bat swooping down on his victim. She went “crazy” and could not remember what happened after that. Things seem to go back to normal after that and it was not until she went on her path towards her life purpose did she realise that the entity stuck with her for many years until the day she sent him away. This experience is part of her life journey to understand entity attachment and help send lost souls to light.

Getting back on path and reclaiming her power

After meeting her twin flame, she felt an urge to learn and understand metaphysics. She feels there is something out there that wants to be made known to her. As Universe has it, ways to understand how the Universe works, started appearing to her. She started meeting people who come with messages and getting signs that guided her towards her path. She attended workshops that helped her remember her soul’s memories and abilities. Since then, Kelly started recognising synchronicity in this lifetime and across her lifetimes, as well as the unconditional love that is always surrounding her.

Kelly now knows everything that happened in her life so far, happens for a reason. The negative influences, the depressing situations, the conflicts, the people and relationships, they happened to help her grow and vice versa, so that she can progress to fulfil her purpose of coming into this world.

She is now being called to put herself out to the world, and this website is the starting point.

If you want to learn more through my experiences or want to share with me your experience. You are very welcome to leave me a message here or send me a personal email kelly@thehealingxanadu.com.