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About Bazi Reading

Bazi Reading

About Bazi Reading

Whenever you talk about Bazi reading, you will always hear from someone you knew had theirs read before. Human beings are just as curious as a cat, especially when it is something about oneself. But many do not understand or most probably misunderstood the meaning of “reading their life (算命)”.

Most people who go to the temple for prayers will most likely, for whatever reasons, decide to sit down and let the Master at the temple to read into their lives. The Master will share how their lives will possibly be, what kind of person they are and probably more details into whether they will be rich after some years or when they grow old. If you are a little more technology savvy, you will also do research online and see how “good or bad” your life is going to be.

Now, ask yourself, how are these going to help you? So what if you know that you are going to be rich or that you will eventually still be poor? Are you not going to work hard and do anything to change? But you say, “Hey of course not! I am still going to work hard and life goes on as per normal”. Then my next question to you is, then why have your life read by others? You are doing it for fun, you added on. I expected them (the replies). So you just paid someone for something that you do not have any interests in or for a service that could leave you worrying or complacent for the rest of your life is worthwhile to you? This is not respecting money and not respecting the Master who spent his time and effort on trying to help you take charge of your destiny. Well, it just shows that you aren’t taking things seriously in life, just like the song, “hey Sara Sara, what will be, will be”.

If you don’t complain about things in life and happy-go-lucky, sure, you can live on with it, then it is good for you. BUT if you are one that always wonder why you are the way you are, let me suggest that you take your life seriously immediately. Yes, take action now.

Look from this perspective. When you talk to a financial planner, they will give you an analysis of how you should be planning for your savings or making investments for your retirement, right? In corporate, when you submit a report, you too, will need some analytics of the data presented. Make sense too? Doesn’t your life weighs more than money and job?

You should know your strengths and weaknesses, personality, how you react to your surroundings (family, friends, colleagues, bosses and etc), and how you see your things around you, so you can learn to take control of things that you can and enhance your life happiness.

At TheHealingXanadu, we believe in helping people to see themselves in a better way. We provide bazi analysis professionally; focusing the areas that people are able to make changes or adjustments, like working on your strengths and mitigate the weaknesses. Coupled with environmental Feng Shui audit for full 360 enhancements.


He is born with claircognizance and divination abilities. He enjoys helping people with the wisdom and knowledge that he has accumulated from his many lifetimes. He is a certified practitioner in I Ching Feng Shui, Bazi, Divination, Psychic and entity attack defense.

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