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The readings have been extraordinary. They have provided me guidance and reflections on what my life have been and what adjustments I should be making to possibly be a better person. Understand myself and others, and be genuine.

Winston (Channeled Reading)

I am so grateful for the reading. It resonates with my situation and you are so on point. I love your energy and the guidance you have channeled for me.

Sandy (Channeled Reading)

Thank you so much for the channeled guidance. I felt a loving energy and have more confident to make a major decision in my life. I am now feeling so excited and looking forward to what is coming next.

Zuri (Channeled Reading)

Thank you for the beautiful message from my grandmother. I was in a depressing period and this message comes so timely. Love.

Mariko (Channeled Reading)

I was having some relationship problems and I seek Ms Lim for help. She took a look at the time and told me how this problem come about without me sharing much information with her! I was even more impressed when she went on describing my partner’s personality, as if she has met or heard about him before, which she did not! She has also advised me on how to resolve the issue with my partner and how we can build a better relationship. I made peace with my partner that very same day and we are even more loving now after I followed Ms Lim’s advice.

Jenn (Divination)

I am amazed by how Kelly can tell us about our personality and our relationships just by looking at the external surroundings of our house and how she can tell me my leg issue that I have been suffering for quite some time and did not share with anyone. After adjusting a few things within the house, the pain in my leg miraculously disappeared and even my luck in my career has improved.

Aaron Cheng (Feng Shui)

Mr Hong did a divination for me, and told me that I may have good changes to my career this year, and most likely a promotion with pay raise around Mid-Year. True enough, I accepted a very good opportunity offer from a big company in Mid-year.

Michelle Wong (Divination)

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